Understanding Frozen Set

Hi all, looking for help on the frozen set. I’ve always avoided this set, but for some reason decided to slap it on my farmer to see if it helped with higher floors (+500 M3 for Merlin’s Imp hunting).

According to the dictionary: “Causes frozen enemies to explode for 25% per rank of the final blow’s damage”.

So does this mean if the final blow is a crushing blow/flame induced 500000000 billion damage (floor 4500), then that number is increased by 125% (frozen 5)?

If so, thats pretty awesome. It seems to work extremely well, I can pop epic enemies in a few seconds with a mostly farming focused build.


I know Frozen requires elemental critical to work, and also, once the enemies are frozen, they need to then be killed before freeze disappears.

My knowledge ia very limited, but @Golem can go into detail on how it works.

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Thanks, do you know if the final blow has to come from main character, or can a hireling trigger the explosion as well?

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Yes, as long as the enemy is still frozen, the 25% per rank damage explosion will work with any attack, main or hireling, and with any element.

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Frozen and crushing flames can be a pretty good combo, but it can be a little bit tricky sometimes. The main reason being both the Frozen and Crushing Flashes require elemcrit, and of different elements (ice and fire, respectively) which either requires mainland and offhand to be different elements, or the use of prismatic. I guess, technically, you could also use the trick of having two different sets if equipment and switching them back and forth, but that’s hardly ever practical. Storm can be pretty useful since it has guaranteed elemcrit.

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Storm is exactly what I’m using to manage this. On my main character, I use skull shield and taunt with ice element, and then barrage and storm as fire. My hireling is a crushing flames/demonic/inferno/momentum/adventurer warrior with flurry, sprint, and taunt. With the high hit rate of skull shield and 55% elemental crit chance, it works pretty well. I’ll post the build if anyone’s interested.

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Always interested in checking out builds. Don’t forget to show us your friendly pet!



I’d welcome suggestions if any of this seems redundant or useless…any optimization suggestions would be great. Obviously the pets aren’t perfectly suited to the build, but you have to take what you get when it comes to the eternal little buggers…eternal Tink was chosen mainly for the +20 skull shield, and the Prism was chosen for the fire damage and critical damage.

The hireling is quite formidable alone, it got me to 4400 M3.

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on one of the more recent Patches, one of the Players noticed that using Crushing Flames (6) wasn’t instant killing Normal (grey/white) enemies to activate Frozen Set. or I should say, the damage that should be done if Frozen was being activated by damage done to kill an enemy with CF wasn’t happening. it has been discussed and theorized that CF (6) now drops Normal monsters to 1 HP before they die, which makes it useless to use with Frozen Set.

I don’t remember if any Dev’s said anything about it, but there are those who said this is true from their builds and others who said they didn’t notice any difference.

my view on the subject is that Crushing Blow & Crushing Flames only affect each other and nothing else. the Dev’s have mentioned in some older Posts that nothing should affect CB, as CB has a chance to lower an enemies HP directly by 25% of it’s current Health. Crushing Flames Set was introduced to be the only thing that works with Crushing Blow. because of the Developers intention for how CB works, having the damage from CB or CB & CF affecting Frozen Set would be a no no.

now, I don’t use Frozen Set, and the one time I tested it, I feel it doesn’t fit my play style. I would suggest if you really want to know, do tests and share what you learned.

also, what is the Power Stat for the Main & Hireling?

Interesting! Although, there is the audible explosion noise when frozen enemies pop, and it does seem to work…when taunted together and frozen, they all seem to die at the same time. Let me remove CF and see what happens.

Power of both main and hirling is maxed at 103.

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I think the question came from the higher floors where CF (6) does zillions of instant kill damage (to the Normal monsters) but Frozen Set was only showing billions of kill damage, at least that is what I think happened. since I don’t care to use Frozen Set, I leave it to those who like it’s damage to figure it out.

You’re correct about Crushing Flames 6 not killing enemies instantly. I do not know if it was an intentional design by the devs, or simply a consequence of how the damage is calculated. It could simply be that it is not calculated as damage dealt, but rather -set enemy health- as a logarithmic expression of current health, causing it’s health to become x^0, or 1. Which would also explain why having Crushing Flames 7 (or higher) prevents this from happening. Since it would then become a negative exponent and automatically set current health as <1 resulting in instant death.

With normal Crushing Flames 6 this difference is almost unnoticed because crying blow only activates if the enemy is immolated, so if they have 1 health they are going to die almost immediately anyways. But with Frozen set it did become noticeable because the crushing blow won’t be the killing blow.

Supposedly, all these calculations become entirely unnecessary one you get enemies with infinite health. At that point, there is no scaling, it’s just yes or no. Either they currently have infinite health, or they take infinite damage and die instantly. I have yet to test that point though, so I can’t verify.

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that can happen around floor 13k I think… there was a post that tested Crushing Blow only killing enemies. 25% of INFB is INFB… :wink:

the way Crushing Blow & Crushing Flames work together, Crushing Flames (6) instantly kills Normal Monsters. if you do a search for Crushing Flames & Crushing Blow, you will learn why & how Crushing Blow does less damage to Magic & higher Tier monsters and why even Crushing Flames can’t 1 hit kill even Normal monsters to Mythic monsters.

with Frozen Set, Crushing Flames ended up being kind of a broken OP synergy that needed to be fixed. I think :thinking: .

I’ve read that somewhere as well. Maybe I’ll eventually test it, but I think for the moment I’ll stop climbing at 5k and go back to focusing on PVP.

Kudos to the people who figure this out, it’s tough to understand what’s actually happening while playing the game.

I always wondered if a highly skilled and dedicated excel user could create a spreadsheet where you could craft builds and have all the math done for you…a virtual dungeon quest, if you will.

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I wrote down a Wizard Comet Build over Christmas vacation and am working on Damage & DPS for early and late battle for the Comet & Twister for main damage skills.

one of the big changes is from using Endow Mythstone, which looks like it went from +50% Weapon Damage to +50% BWD Damage.

I stopped using Endow in my main builds a long time ago, as I can get good damage with DPS or Legend +200% Weapon Damage without it. but if it is +50% BWD, it is a very useful Mythstone again.

ugg, I should test it first to see if it really changed, but the description on the Mythstone changed in the game, so I’m hoping for the best.

Im confused!

Now I get it, but I’m still confused…which is it?



This seems to be only a 19.7% increase…

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I think it increases the base damage, not total damage.
Depending on your damage increase stats, Endow may or may not be worth it.