Unfinished Rogue

Congratulations on choosing the most popular class in DQ and obviously the most fun. If you are just here visiting, switch and switch now! You will love it here. =P

With those minor bias statements out of the way, lets dig in!


[ol][li]Purpose of the guide[/li]
[li]Introduction to the Rogue[/li]
[li]Purpose of Char[/li]
[li] Multi-Hit vs Burst[/li]
[li] Element[/li]
[li] MH[/li]
[li] OH[/li]
[li] Skills from other Classes[/li]
[li] Talents[/li]
[li] Resources[/li]
[li] Stats[/li]
[li] Sets[/li]
[li] Mythics[/li]
[li] Legend[/li]
[li] Crystal/Epic.[/li]
[li] Conclusion[/li][/ol][/quote]

1) Purpose of the guide:

This is not a single build or optimization guide. It is a general guide to help you choose what to use depending on your desires. It will start out very broad but then go into an abyss of details down to single affixes that affect your playstyle. As such I will not tell you what is best, I will do recommendation for synchronization purposes.

This is a very complex game. A single affix can and will change how you play. I will not go through all 370+ affixes. But the ones that affect playstyle will be covered in some shape or form.

The best thing about this game is that you do not need to get max affixes or fully optimized builds to do well. Just concentrate on having fun while achieving your goals. If you are looking at DPS optimization, I will cover basic formulas and some minor Affix comparisons. Nothing further than that.

2) Introduction to the Rogue:

What makes me say she is the most popular class? Just look at the class feedback threads and you can see how vocal and happy the Rogue players are compared to the rest. She is not the strongest nor the most self-sufficient class. So what makes the Rogue so popular? The answer is simple. Most gamers are men. We are horny creatures attracted to her skimpy clothing and her lovely booty! =P

Stereotypical jokes aside, the real reason why is that she provides the most fun and varied of playstyles. The old wizard only knows how to shoot 4 projectiles for his Primary Main-hand Skill (PMH from now on). The mighty warrior swings blunt objects and his most interesting PMH (Charge) is also accessible to us via itemization. Unlike simple men, this lady is much more complex as her 4 main hand weapons provide 4 very different playstyles. The projectiles shot don’t just do different things but greatly varie in behaviours too! Though itemization we get access to a total of 6 very different and unique attacks!

She is by far the fastest hitting class capable of over 100 hits per second on a single target. As stated before though, she is not a one trick pony and also has several high burst options to deal massive numbers. All of this is not without consequence. She is not the be-all and end-all of classes.

Aside from PMH Skills, classes also have different Primary Off-hand Skills (POH from now on), and Talents. She has no POH offensive capabilities but they completely change the way you play. If you compare our Talents, they are not as versatile as the other classes’. Nothing generic like the Wizard’s Focus Talent which boosts WD but they will greatly complement very specific playstyles and skill builds.

Overall, she is a very fun class to play due to her versatility in playstyles. It is this that allows her to capture the hearts of many players. Don’t like one playstyle? Switch to one of the many others!

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