Vacuus scipii


Which map do you get this? Im on room 250 now and still no luck…


If you want the bow one, it would really be hard to get that, I’m one of the few people who farmed for months and never got it, I’m around floor 1000 now, but some people usually get it around floor 300-450. Bows are rare and Vacuus is quite friggin rare imho. cries



Does it drops on chest or shrine or boss loots? Do I have to be on a cartography map?


It’s probably easier on Shrine mob drops, and yeah it’s better to farm on cart maps rather that the default stages.



just farm on normal map floor 180+ it is where the pathfinder bow usually drop. and using nadroji to give more chance of rare drop such as vacuus scorpio. 3 eternal vacuus from that floor and 5 normal vacuus also around there that i found lol


Yeah, I suggest you follow cronos’ advice, I’m pretty sure I’m just extremely unlucky. Lol.



Trolled by RNG god~


Got a gauntlet and jaspered it to vaccus Scipio :smile: but I’m not using it. Used Mutiny :skissing:


vacuus scipio is a weapon not a gauntlet


I know, I jaspered a vaccus Scipio gauntlet to make it a bow


vacuus scorpio for wizard is staff. there aren’t any vacuus from axe or gauntlet. probably it was munity gauntlet.


My bad, I was confused because I got both vaccus bow and Mutiny in same day/hour.


so how did you manage to get the bow/staff?


pray to rng. lol


yo cronos, I’m still farming from 180+ lol and no luck this rng is so hateful


rng love me~


Thanks for this info… i have a farm build using eternalized (1×) and nadroji (3×)… and i usually farm floor 200 and floor 500… but i keep on getting the same items which i feel are junks… haha… hopefully i can get the bow soon… :joy::joy::joy:


It is considered as one of the “very rare” items. This makes it hard to get. I suggest to run +4 All Set Affixes as well at least one Nadroji Set Affix along with Eternalized. Also, maxed Luck (650%) will help greatly as well as Item Drops (max 200%). If you want to get always Level 100 Eternal Legends, farm on Floor 500+.


dont use eternalized when u want farm those rare legend. i get 3 eternal vacuus scorpio lol. being trolled by rng. keep those eternalized set away when farm certain rare legend or chance for being trolled always there waiting for u. lol


Whenever i got a chance to spawn a mythic enemy i go to 500+ map…but i keep on getting a mythical set item… what a waste… :angry::angry::angry:

All i want is a 100% WD on MH… hahaha…