Vacuus scipii


Thanks for the tip… will remove my eternalized item…

Btw, what is rng???


That´s how life goes with RNG. But who doesn´t want a weapon with a possible +200% Weapon DMG Affix lol :wink:


got one yesterday… dont use a bow… ill be saving in the hopes of a trade system some day.
What I cant seem to find is an eternal Mutiny.


Ok so the set shoulf be 1 nadroji, 1 eternalized and high luck? Theb farm from 180-200 mythic map?


maybe a cheater will love that lol since they have so many posible way to change some affix. haha,
for me im just dont like proc build, more prefer to focus only 1 source of damage build, a glasscannon maybe.


I dont even have nadroji lol. Where do i get it? I saw on forums that it can drop on most maps


RNG = random number generator.


I’d never use, let’s say an Eternal Legend Ragnarok Chakram, but since I’m a farmer, who wants to have some “trophies”, I’d be more than happy to loot one hehe. So, nah, even a legit player like me would be happy to get one. lol


haha, collection.?


@cronos4321 If you have any unsatisfication about any of us, please contact the support. I am sure, they will take it serious:


Yeah, like rare Eternals. I love to do this. Like an Eternal Ragnarok, Eternal Scipio, Eternal Nadroji etc. It’s just some personal thing I do hehe :slight_smile:


lol u misunderstanding again~ im telling him that a cheater will love getting eternal vacuus scorpio. because cheater can mod eternal item. i didt say him cheater lol…


Yeah - I see. I just have edited :smile:


Lol, I love how most of the topics go into a weird direction after a while. Still no Vacuus for me. Yay! :confused:



i got few time eternal nadroji, but blur what to do with it since i cant even do anything on it and needed alot crysral + dont have more slot give me only 1 solution. convert. maybe after this when i have more space. i will keep some of rare legend drop lol.


I suggest use munity gauntlet instead. munity gauntlet not so hard to get. and it have defiant set affix. IMO defiant+ L.affix +%ED more better than +%WD l.affix.


Yeah, I don’t have that either. I got like 9 eternal pets now though, so yeah. Lol. Any idea whats the best path to farm a Mutiny then? You literally have everything you need don’t you? Lol.



I just need an Eternal Ragnarok, then my collection is completed :smiley:


u currently have all rare legend in eternal ver except ragnarok.? wow that must be taking alot time for that. i wish i can get all my converted eternal rare legend lol


i have alot rare normal legend lol. it been a month i guess… i just farm on floor 150-200 and repeat. i dont need to be on high floor since every eternal item i get will be converted to crystal except some eternal that i want lol. just farm with nadroji. max luck, max i.Drop it actually really help. And for me it usually take 2-3 same rare legend when i craft. u know when obsidian give crystal affix, it not always give what u want, so yeah the reject will be converted or if it can be used in other build, i will keep, and proceed with second item until i get what crystal affix i want. So basicly for 1 item i craft it usually need 2-3 same item, 2-3 obsidian. and the rest i can kyanite if it give not needed affix.