Vacuus scipii


It does lol! Almost 11k of Rogue only Legends, but no Eternal Ragnarok. F you RNG! :smiley:


Being trolled that hard, if it was me, i would cry lol.


Since you mentioned it… maybe you know the answer to my question…

If for example… i can deal a 100 damge to a mob without a 100% wd… does it mean that i will deal 200 in case i have 100% wd? and with regards to 100% ed… same question… if i can deal a 100 damage to a mob without a 100% ed. Does it mean that i will deal 200 in case i have 100% ed?

(please disregard the damage formula and resist/armor reduction so we can simplify things)


im not good with mechanism lol. and i dont really read all formula, all i do is testing. if it deal more i will use it simple. maybe refia or centra can answer that.


If your having as much trouble as you are, you might do well to use a tanky nadroji set and have a higherling that can kill the enemys for you


Saintwave, you must have really bad luck… I have 3 extras ill never use and im consudering selling. All of them on floor 300+ on very easy. Not maxed luck/goldfind


This and that. No vacuum scifi for me. Oh well ill just run the dungeons til my hair gets gray …


Sis, i can feel what you feel right now.huhu.


If only I can give you one, I got 2 vacuus bow 2 days in a row at floor 350+ about 10+ floors apart


I’m guessing I’m the only one who doesn’t have it yet, I actually got the Vaccus Staff earlier, which when jaspered, turns to a chakram. Thanks a lot RNG God. :confused:



do u need vacuus to complete Lohko build or what lol. i recently more fond to munity lol. i think munity is much better i guess. 1 its L.Affix +%ED, ED is global withis mean in arena if u have ×6-7 +1040 ED = 6240-7280. with +24%ED. it still alot compared to 1040WD+24%WD. Better change your aim. i guess. probably u got trolled again, cant find munity gauntlet instead u might found vacuus lol


No not really, I’m just sad that everyone has one. LOL.



Wish your luck to find 1, well actually u already get dont u.? eternal version lol. i just read your text regarding player accuse u cheating. lol. i see my name there, u must be envy if i show my inventory for each toon i have lol.


were same. I want that too.


Sorry but i didn’t get the logic of ur calculation… esp. this one, " ×6-7 +1040 ED = 6240-7280. with +24%ED. "

Can you further explain this damage calculation pls… :blush::blush::blush:


When you say floor 180+, so you mean the challenge map or just the regular Champion?


any~ i suggest just a normal floor since normal floor randomly give random affix (not bad one such as TnT skyfall eth) if u notice normal floor sometime give more mobs, (it like packsize) sometime it drop more cs/ms (it just like find crystal/mythic stone, sometime at floor boss, it have company (it just like +% epic monster) something like that~


Alright, I will start farming on 180-200. lol. Hope I can get a Vacuus Scipio.


No vacuus scipio for me still.


Still no bow for me only the staff :joy: