Vacuus scipii


Normal floor? Like mythic 3 180-200 floor? Am i right?




Im still confuse.

The difficulty…is it normal or mythic 3?
Is that mythic 3 floor 180-200
Normal floor 180-200?


any difficulty depending on your luck g.finf eth.


Okay i got it.
I got all max luck.item drop.and gold. Hope this is the time. Hahaha


Could I get Ragnarok MH in Floor 180-200 or 500+ ???


u can get it at floor 180+ i guess,


My stock for crafting.


2 frozen fate, 5 ragnarok hammer, 6 munity lance, 4 insolance hatchet, 6 nadroji robe, 2 nadroji crown, 3 stone of nadroji, 3 nadroji crystal.


2 vacuus Scorpio, 3 ragnarok chakram, 1 munity gun, 3 insolance trap, 2 nadroji robe, 3 nadroji crown, 3 stone of nadroji, 2 nadroji crystal.


1 munity gauntlet, 5 vacuus Scorpio, 3 ragnarok sword, 4 insolance skull, 2 nadroji stone, 3 nadroji crown, 1 stone of nadroji, 1 nadroji crystal.

*Actually have alot used few (Few~ lol) this is all left, well I still grinding like hell for 2.1 lol. Anyway @saintwave try kill my Athena in arena, probably when she die she will drop vacuus from her bag, lol


@cronos4321 so jealous. Huhuhu give me some.


I only got defiant dagger 180+ floor still try to get a bow




Ragnarok can be found on floor 100+

It’s one of the “Very Rare” items.


make @saintwave jealous~ hahaha


So jealous! I have 580 luck and 170 otem drops and (7)set Nadroji… Still no luck for the Vacuus …


Were same. :frowning:
Like @cronos4321 said…

Pray for the RNG…


Plz accept my gift… and give me a Vacuus Scipio…


So happy, got lucky today. Sis @saintwave sorry.
Floor 182 at shrine it appears.
1 Mutiny and 1 Nadroji Coat.


:+1::+1::+1: Congra!!!


Thanks. But i prefer vacuus. Hehehe im still finding it and isolence oh.


Congrats, no worries I’m immune to envy nowadays. Lol. Goodluck finding the rest of them. :smile: