Wanna know my build?

This time guys I would like to share my build on how fast I climb every floor easily but promise me if you see something you see nothing okay?

What’s your thoughts on my build? Comment down below hehehe :point_down::point_down::point_down:

Kindly watch guys on how fast I climb and kill both Enslaver and Cartographer in high floor

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If you ask me if what’s the purpose of that huge amount of gold? Well, I like to craft items that makes me hike a floor faster. However, it requires me a gold to convert and salvage a crystal. I use gold to find my perfect build for hiking. It’s all went normal, I use gold for experimental purposes only, no more and no less.

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In this build, if you track the location of the Enslaver quickly will save you a little bit of time and climb as fast as you can :wink:

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wont let me see the video for some reason. when I did a search, all I got was Roblox DQ.

but good advice for those who need the Ultra Rare Crystals & Myth Stones and have lots of Gold, but aren’t finding them in their Loot.

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I works rn Mr. Golem kindly try hehe

poor, helpless Enslavers & Cartographers… :crying_cat_face: .

on the other hand, better them than you :smiley_cat: .

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I’ve got an uncontrollable blink because of Hunger sets that my mana is at below 50%, and my disadvantage is that my MP Regen item is a Fury mythic and it’s hard to increase the attack speed when I’m about to kill Enslaver and Cart because it nullify my Hunger sets effect but in the other hand, I’ve tried the Energy Mythic uhmmm… It works, but it has a high mana cost that emptied my mana when killing Epic+ enemies. I’ve got a record that I killed Cart for about 2.5 secs by using the Energy Mythic itself, but my risk is that it quickly drained my mana

They maybe better than me because I have not enough dodge to avoid their attacks but whatever the things that makes them better is idk btw :joy:

have you thought of using Desperation Mythic (Head Mythic) instead of Fury? if you don’t want to use it, then you might have to think of getting rid of Fury or Hunger Set and rethink your Build. or maybe add Bleed to your Build, so that when you need to wait for your MP to recharge, your Bleed is still doing damage.

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Here’s my latest build Mr. Golem, any tips?

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well, this is really tough, as I haven’t used Energy or Fury yet. from what I understand, although they are different Resource Systems, they overwrite and are connected to Mana.

what I think is happening is that as your +250 MP on Hit keeps your Mana around 50%, it is also keeping your Fury & Energy at 50% also. it doesn’t matter how much MP you have, they are always around 50%.

I guess that when you use Fury, your Primary gets you to 50%, you cast your Special once, then repeat.

with Energy, you only have 50% of your Energy, so you can only cast a few of any of your Spells, then you have to wait until your Energy recovers.

does your +250 MP on Hit help either Energy or Fury to recover?

the only thing I can really think of is to change your Hunger to Angelic Set. your Attack Speed will go down to +25% for Ricochet, but Ricochet (and any Spell that has a CD of 1 second or faster) gets +25% extra damage. you lose the CD from Hunger Set. if you are doing a Main & Hireling, then your Rogue with Angelic will give them some healing (if they need it).

also, if you do switch from Hunger to Angelic, you wont need the MP on Hit, and can replace it with +10% Dodge or +20% Fire or Shock or something else.

hope this helps.

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With unlimited resources you can make any build effective. 1 trillion gold would open plenty of options!


@tdaniel , didn’t see that. well, I don’t have my first billion because I keep spending Gold on Crafting Builds, tweaking Builds, testing Builds, buying Crystals & Myth Stones in Shop (when I’m not spending Gold converting them to CS/MS that I need), converting Items to CS/MS & Dust… my Gold keeps flying away :money_with_wings: !!!

not to mention I split time between Farming. Climbing, and Ascending. when I am done with the third one, then it’s Farming, Climbing, and some PVP.

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With the question regarding if the Fury and Energy Mythic helps to recover a mana well yes, the MP on hit helps me in Energy Mythic but it’s not sufficient to maintain a mana for around 50% because of high mana cost within the skills and within the Fury mythic is just a useless one. I didn’t remove an MP on hit on my pet because I’m still confusing on what mana resource fits on my gear.

Based on my observation Mr. Golem that the more attack speed you produce, the quicker it kills an epic+ enemies like what am I pointing about is that I don’t need a more damage and I’m just basing on a Crushing Blow and high attack speed. That’s what all matters to me and I’ll try to think again on how I increase my attack speed once again

I’m sorry if I use a plenty of gold, I have no idea back then on just what you said that 1 trillion gold is a numerous one and that’s why I click as many as I can and I didn’t know it. It’s just a lucky patcher, not a big fan of GG or game guardian app that hacks everything even it’s damage. It’s just a gold and I’m grinding also to find a legend items for crafting.

I’ve exposed my build that even they banned my current account then it would be fine to me. It’s not a big deal, I’ve found my best item for floor hiking, even I go back to the beginning is it will not a problem to me because in the next time I knew on what items and affix I need and it’s an easy peasy hehe :muscle:

from what I understand, they can’t really ban your game on your own device when using third party apps to modify your game. what they can ban is you playing in the Battle Arena, but only if you are using modified Items that can’t be modified in the game normally. one of the aspects of playing DQ is Farming for the Loot to improve your Items. or paying money $ :dollar:.00 in the Shop for Bags of Gold.

eventually, after your tests, you will figure out which Resource is the best fit for your Build. since your focus is on speedy attacks, then the question is, which Resource is the best for your Fast Attack Build.

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If 45% resource cost will take effect within the high resource cost itself of Energy mythic then I’ll go with pure Crushing Blow only because a Crit DMG is no longer different with a white colored DMG like you’ve just filled the white colored DMG with a violet :joy: