Warrior 95%block /doublestrike rogue Farm build



I did this change for more hits:

Any tips on how to get block to roll on armor?

Craft legendary indra’s boon until get crystaline(Crystaline perk + Crystaline set to get more easier)

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Hi which one is dealing damage is it the warrior or rouge? I don’t understand where all those damage are coming from

Awesome thank you for sharing I like rouge farming you haved.:heart:

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The rouge!Warrior is farming sets.

Do I need build same warrior set to produce that amount of damage?

Id rather change 1 block to dodge since the limit is 75% kinda wasteful going 95% i think.
But overall this is nice. :kissing_heart:

Curious. What is the difficulty of the map? Mythic 3 or lower.

Haha,mythic 3 ,enemy heal,enemy immune and still kill the Bosses so fast with Double Strike,extra and multi atacks.

It has 75 %dodge and 95%block(75%+20% bullwark)

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Noo,But its good to lure,freeze all the enemys and get more eternal and Crystal itens.You can use Wizard too,But warrior is almost inmortal with bullwark.

Look How good is Dodge and block in the same time:


Hi thanks for this build guide. Everything is easy now :slight_smile: I’m now at floor 1k ez coz of ur build. Can u show me ur a.i setting please thanks

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Amazing, your farm build is crazy effective. Two thumbs up :+1: :+1: for you.

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Nice!!Im happy to have help you!

you can use Twister too But It lags a Lot…you only need arrows to kill the enemys.
Note:(3k+floors,If you face a Boss with heal affix on map,you need to taunt the boss with some small enemys to cause Frozen explosion)



Yo can put electrocution set and ascend too