Warrior battle arena


My warrior has 304k hp in arena,I cant reach that if luck capped at 260%.
Your are right,luck from affix is capped at 260%,but we can still get plus 150% luck from nature.
Pvp max luck is 260%+150%=410%.This make sense.


I need to recheck the Upper Control Limit. My gain was marginal when I checked recently. I tried using 2x cyan, all luck nature and 1 epic luck (for test case).


Check more always better.Anyway,I think that 256% luck is a very good position,giving more place for ar/res.


Yes. That was my balance approach before - will not be the case for season 4. I will test the info you provided though to see. Thx for info.




bravo . I mean it kind of makes sense since you can add as much as you want on gear and Fauns Gift would still count in campaign and so it would be for PvP too. Same with Satyrs spirit.

Even though there’s cap, you can go over. That probably explains why people could get 500k or 600k HP back then and even now.




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Godamn amulet with crystal affix haha. I need to copy that balance all resist elem dmg ptl all affix in one ! Ur so bryt . +1


Modified eternal item with crystal affix

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Good luck on you :blush:


How is that modified?


Legit item.


Yeah still hunting that item . after .i will craft it till crystal affix drop .oyeah .


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Or unlock with 1k dust or however much it is :slight_smile: . One way or another.


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Thanks . 2.5k dust :disappointed: 200-250 legends item … need to salvage hahaha .


Reported(dota) :joy::joy::joy:


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