Warrior battle arena


:joy: go cry :grin:


1on1 Midlane ? PM me


You want me to use Meepo or Invoker?


Hahah currently not playing in a computer right now heheh sometime maybe? Ill take you on! :blush::blush::grin::grin::grin:


@Mandelbrot ahahahahah i also have that amulet


Nc loot ! Now u can make 380k hp 800+power on pvp with 2fauns gift set and dont forget to use anti critical trophy .


Hahahaha you bet.


Too bad im not really fan of tank build


What is tank?


Is anybody here have Barrett M82/Antitank…???
Confused coz never win against tank…


Congratulation,that amulet born for brainless tank :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


If im not mistaken, Barrett M82A1 from Crossfire Online game right?


Maybe next time somebody have to shared anti tank build with name “Barrett M82”…


Qual o pet usado nessa construção ?


in the original post he said you can use any pet you want. since Patch 3.0, you can use the 8 lowest Crystals, and that one that gives you Epic affixes, to craft Pets, at the cost of 5 crystals per change. so you can use any pet and change it to go with the build.




he updated his build Apr '17

Update. Remove 5000 armor. Change it to storm proc. Remove perseverance change it to balance legend affix 50% remove 100% elem dmg to stun resist . sure win fastest kill use vanish mythic.
Pet terrashaper 5000 elem dmg .critdmg. 7500hp all resist . crit chance .

and Mar '17

Addition put 2death nature for additional crit chance.and the res 4luck nature for hp

I dont put perseverance coz i can kill ai fast as i can

I used energy for my ruptured .my oh skil scalp so helpful.for bleed chance/dmg

I dont want enigma but i put for great ai perfomance like dancing :grinning:

If u dont want enigma u can use some proc
Storm/shieldwall for additional dmg .

there have been many changes with players making new builds. recently, many players are using the information from Scooty Gift: Immortal Build Reveal to make powerful builds in the Arena, which makes it hard for other players who don’t use this information. there are some players who make their own powerful builds, but they have done lots of playing and testing.


Queria ter esse dom de criar as próprias construçoes mais … Hahahaha

Eu queria mesmo era criar um barragem mais não sei por onde começar