Warrior battle arena

I just want to share my build .
Please do respect …
This is a decent warrior build that u can go top 1 easily and fast .
You dont need to modified your gears and pets .feel free to copy and improve
You can choose any pet with this build. With good afix ex. Pet . u can use terashaper/ascendant/permafrost/angelic
Depends on your playstyle.



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Addition put 2death nature for additional crit chance.and the res 4luck nature for hp

I dont put perseverance coz i can kill ai fast as i can

I used energy for my ruptured .my oh skil scalp so helpful.for bleed chance/dmg

I dont want enigma but i put for great ai perfomance like dancing :grinning:

If u dont want enigma u can use some proc
Storm/shieldwall for additional dmg .

Nice build.

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@ZARAKI You are legitimate, you enjoy playing the game and you give back to the community. You have my respect! +1

Thank you for sharing your build.

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Woo! I’m glad you got the build out. I’m so glad I kind of helped you. Your AI is strong! Your build is awesome!

You deserve this recognition :slight_smile: +1 .

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Gaaad :blush: the comments… so much appreciated :blush:

Ilovethisgame :grinning:


almost identical build to mine awesome

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Update. Remove 5000 armor. Change it to storm proc. Remove perseverance change it to balance legend affix 50% remove 100% elem dmg to stun resist . sure win fastest kill use vanish mythic.
Pet terrashaper 5000 elem dmg .critdmg. 7500hp all resist . crit chance .
Playstyle : charge charge silence scalp whirlwind

Go go go

Master sama

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Warrior this s4 is really good. They will shine again

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Yeah i realy like face to face combat than using rogue so easy to make top rogue u just hit and jump. and sometimes u just stand up and spam skill so boring .

Out of curiosity, why don’t you use 3x 225% luck crystal affixes over the 75%? I’m under the impression you’d get WAY more health out of Faun’s.

2x Cyan Luck plus 6x luck nature = 53%+53%+150% (6x 25% each) or 256% (Max PvP luck = 260%).


Im done with tank type warrior bro . this build can kill some rogue i hope so :smile: . someday ull realize hp doesnt realy matter . all u need is to make ur own combo the easy/fastest way to win is the better .

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I see this build so common now… Its still pretty amazing :grinning::grinning::grin::grin:

Max pvp luck > 260%.I know that 260% come from 650%*0.4.
But do have some cap dont work like luck,such as glasscanon,players can reach 1 hp in arena.

As far as I know, Luck on gear cannot be >260% for PvP. This cap has been set for a long time now. What do you think the luck cap is for PvP and why?

I tried going over 260% in 3.0 but only gained the marginal amount from the 4% luck (260-256) x 37.5% faun 3. This only made my factor go from 1.96 to 1.975.

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