WD% + ED% = Good Teamwork

I will be using Epic & Legend versions of % WD/ED.

I have asked myself what are the best combinations of these affixes on different builds? One Element, Two Element, and Prismatic Builds.

Epic WD is +100%, Legend WD is +200%. they increase the BWD of the Weapon they are on. they don’t stack. WD +50% from Endow Myth Stone does stack with either one of these. WD on MH & OH are not combined.

Weapon 100 DMG +100% = 200 DMG. 100 DMG + 200% = 300 DMG. Eternal Weapons double affix values, so the final DMG for Epic & Legend affixes would be 300 DMG & 500 DMG. MH with +100% & OH with +200% is not counted as +300% for both, they are kept separate.

Legend ED is +100%, and can go on any item except for Pet. they increase the DMG of any Weapon with the same Element. an Eternal Item doubles affixes, so Legend ED +100% would be +200%. 6 Eternal Items with ED% could go up to +1200%.

All Items Same Element: 6 x ED 100% = ED +600%.
Weapon 100 DMG + 600% = 700 DMG. any item with ED that isn’t the same Element as any Weapon will not be counted towards the DMG.

Prismatic: this randomly changes the Element of your Spell/Skill. Wizard Prismatic Talent, Ascendant Set, and Elements Set. with Wizard Prismatic Talent, if ED on Item is different from Element of any Weapon, it will not be counted towards DMG, even if Prismatic changes the Element of Skill/Spell to the same Element of the ED on the Item. I think Ascendant Set is the same, but I think Elements Set works differently than Prismatic. this also applies to Epic Elemental Crit.

There are no Weapons with both Legend WD% & ED%.

using the above example of a 100 DMG Weapon:

+600% ED & +100% WD on MH & OH would give 1400 DMG for each Weapon. this would be a Single Element or Prismatic Build using Spells/Skills from both MH & OH.

+500% ED & +200% WD on MH/OH, +100% WD on OH/MH would give 1800 DMG MH/OH & 1200 DMG OH/MH. this would be a Single Element or Prismatic Build focusing on most of the DMG coming from either MH or OH.

Two Element Builds:

MH/OH & 4 Items First Element, OH/MH Second Element:
MH 100 DMG + 100% WD + 500% ED = 1200 DMG.
OH 100 DMG + 100% WD + 100% ED = 400 DMG.

MH 100 DMG + 200% WD + 400% ED = 1500 DMG.
OH 100 DMG + 200% WD = 300 DMG. (no Weapons with both Legend ED% & WD%)

MH & 2 Item First Element, OH & 2 items Second Element:
MH 100 DMG + 100% WD + 300% ED = 800 DMG.
OH 100 DMG + 200% WD + 200% ED = 900 DMG.

a Two Element Build could also be Prismatic, with most of the Skills/Spells being the 2 base Elements with other random Elements.

I hope this can help players who wonder what combination of WD% & ED% they should use on their Builds.


I agree with you @Golem keep up the goodwork.