Weapon DPS

Hi, was not sure where to post this.

I keep trying to upload a picture, hope it works but so far no luck hope I can describe so you understand. I have Eternal Furor hatchet equipped which says 23.7k dps, i found a rare hatchet with 3448 dps when I click that it where it shows the stat difference between your equpped vs what you clicked in bag it says + 16.4% dps… We all know 23.7k is more than 3448 so is the 23.7k a bug or is the 16.4%+ a bug. Which one is the correct stat I should be focused on. I have seen this with several other weapons also.

Edit: The bar is not a bug as I first thought the bar actually compares the bonus you are getting to your mainhand primary skills damage output which is why it is prioritizing the hatchet with +1 extra attack chance because it gives a much larger boost to your mainhand primary skill but the eternal furor is much much much stronger over all and you should pay attention to the DPS number on the offhand when comparing offhand weapons instead of the bar :smile:

Great, thank you. I knew one of them had to be wrong I just did not know which one I should go by.

Yup unfortunately those 3 bars can be exceptionally buggy at times :smile:

This is very helpful. thanks.

Glad to help out :smile: also I like your profile card background :wink:

Check the element of the mainhand weapon maybe it’s not the same