What are all the mythic enemies?

Ok so i just spawned my first mythic enemy, and i was surprised to find out it was golex, as i thoughthe name golexes gauntlet, my favorite weapon, was just named that for some wizard or what ever that dose not apear in the game. After a long and dificult battle i finaly killed it and was a lil disapointed to see he droped a eternal wand that wasnt truely that good. Though i supose it makes sence he did not drop his gauntlet considering i aparently got his gauntlet off the black market in the codex. Jokes aside, what are all the mythic enemies? I want to know now. And what was your first mythic kill like?

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In my opinion, after killing the Mythic enemy it drops an Eternal legend items. So, you will expected that it will drops a random Eternal items it’s either from you (Rogue) or from the other Classes like Warrior or Wizard