What floor are you nah guys me i stuck in 890 floor

need help to get on further floor

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Enter “100% block” in the search bar.

Enjoy multiple excellent pve warrior builds.

But if you use your p*zzy_sl@yer character enter
“Frozen Cross-Fire Build” in the searchbar.


thank you dude

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You are welcome.

There’s plenty of them here to choose from so I just gave you the key search terms.

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Or just use alchemy+ epiphany + >50% mp absorb. :neutral_face:

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@olkyora need mo build ko pang floorhike SS ko parasayo if you want.


pahingi naman dude mahirap kasi full offense yung rogue chakram build ko lambot nga lang sa high floors

uhm… damage reduction build and semi heavy hitter build thank you good idea…

Hi’ this is the first share my build everyone. I can call it (Billion Fold World)
[IMG_20190319_160754_460][Screenshot_20190321-133331] [Screenshot_20190321-133337] [Screenshot_20190321-133340][Screenshot_20190321-133346] [Screenshot_20190321-133350] [Screenshot_20190321-13
Use the farming build of @HawkEye



Jul 26

Farming Build: The Floor Sweeper (V3.1) UPDATE

Build Help

I am sincerely sorry that you have misunderstood some concepts. Nadroji is good especially if you can get the two bonuses from chest and head gears. However, I prefer to get plagued and battlemage instead for tankiness, good damage, and charge. My slow internet does not allow me to view your pictu
Or use the farming of @NUIQUE


ming Build: The Floor Sweeper (V3.1) UPDATE

GameplayBuild Help






Apr 11

The Sweeper has come…

Just kidding. This is a farming build.


To whom is this build for?

For everyone who wants to farm very easy difficulty fast.

What does it give?

In ONE MAP, this Build can bring you:

~3,000,000 gold🤑


(Items emphasized:5 eternal legends and two crystal legends)

DISCLAIMER: none. Everyone hates disclaimers, right?:wink:

Plus you can have better results.
(I have accidentally deleted those pics)

Before going to the build, I want you to understand that certain perks will receive priority over the others:

1st Dealer = sell looted items for gold

2nd Fortunate = luck and gold + pick up radius

3rd Treasured = 300% crystal and eternal legend find rate

4th Accomplished
5th Enshrined
6th Hunter

The Build .



+Use amber to change your mainhand special to “knightscharge”.

+Use amber to change offhand special to “taunt”.

+Use beryll to get three lucks and three greeds to accomodate the averaging of farming stats when using hireling.

+I have maxed my stats to power(this part is up to you)

For old timers:

You may have noticed that I have skipped mythical and nadroji sets. The reason is simple. I have not noticed a dramatic benefit to using them. Instead I opted for:

Plagued = dmg+hp+armor

Satyr’s Spirit = extra mp(or hp when using blood magic) from gf

Faun’s Gift = extra hp from luck

How to use :

  • Most suited for solo farming
  • At Very Easy level
  • Maps Below 500
    *Even a warrior or rogue may do but the knightscharge mainhand special should remain

At the start of the game click skullshield(for extra damage and protection)

Use knightscharge to mow down the creeps. I preferred knightscharge because it dramatically increases movement speed plus excellent damage and decent cooldown.

To achieve the gold result above,
sell all the loots😁 from normal
(if any) to epic.

To achieve the eternal and crýstal legends result, use an imp pet to convert loot by setting the “pick up” in options to legend. This is slow if you don’t have a hireling that also uses imp.

The principle is there but, suggestions will be warmly welcomed.




thank you for the help dudes …

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my Wizard is around floor 1280ish on M3 using a Crushing Flames (8) Build with Ice & Frostbiting support. not much HP, but have Dodge +60%, Block +43ish%, and movement Bonus +70% with the help of Stealth Skill. I don’t use Stealth that often, because it doesn’t last long, unless it is a real emergency! the movement bonus gives me the speed to move around faster to get out of the way of attacks after I cast a few spells. really useful when on Pack Size Maps or Challenge Maps with affixes that require me to move around a lot.

@olkyora what is your Character using to survive and what Class is it?


Use a combination of 60%+ Dodge and 40%+ Block, with one epiphany piece you could pass the 60% cap. Or a build with 60%+ Dodge and Stealth plus 2 Epiphany Pieces, work better if main is Rogue because you could be Permanent Stealth using your points in Stealth. There is also a Build that use Fast Movement with Teleport and Orbs cast but require 1 or 2 visit to the same spot to kill those opponents with higher Hp. All depends which is your main and what pieces of equipment you have access plus the stones you need.

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Still around 570+ :persevere: but I’m on mythic difficulty so hard to enjoy farming like i keep running from the monster LOL. Any suggest for mage build around this floor ?
my warrior and rogue can handle this but if i do hireling it will reduce some Luck, Gold, Item Drop etc…

both rogue chakram ,momentum, naroji, crystalize, electricfied, ethereal drain, cerebral vortex

Yubifreak there are some topic that could help you like:

Farming Build: The Floor Sweeper (V3.1) UPDATE

XP farm build with the dankest of wizards [blightedswamp build] [pve] [wizard/warrior/rogue mythic 3 experience farming build]

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Cerebral Vortex requires you to get hit in order for there to be a chance of sending Torrents to the enemy that hit you. if monsters are one shot killing you, you should be ok if you have A LOT OF GOLD TO REVIVE. if you don’t have a lot of Gold, then you should replace CV with some other Set. if your Dodge is +60% or better, Pathfinder is a good choice for Rogues.

are you using Electrified to only get Paralyze for your Shock Weapons? if you are also using it for more DMG when using Reflect DMG, then put Redirect Mythic on your Necklace, it allows you to Reflect DMG by Dodging and/or Blocking, so you don’t have to get hit to Reflect DMG. same problem as CV.

since this is a Farm Build, no wonder you are having problems getting stuck at floor 800ish. your Build is for getting Loot, not killing monsters on high floors. either go to a lower floor so you don’t die a lot and farm for loot that you can use to make a Farm Build that can kill monsters up to floor 1000, or make a new Farm Build that can get the job done at floor 800 or higher.

Farm Builds only need to go over floor 1000 for bragging rights, so at that point you only really need a Floor Climbing Build.


i just use it to get resist and to boost my damage and stats thank you for the tips i now i can make my pve more fun …

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