What happens when you put enigma on an orb?

I would asume one of two things, one, you teleport ounce and then enigma gose off and you teleport again really quickly, or two, teleport basicly gains the statistics of shater. I am not sure which would ocure, dose any one know the awnser to this?

Well you teleport towards enemy. Might get you killed :joy::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

you do both, as they are separate attacks. I just don’t know if they are one after the other or both at the same time. for Mythic Skills on MH, they go off at the same time as your attack, just as any Legend Proc’s do.

also, Enigma has a chance to Proc no matter which Skill on either Weapon you use.

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I hate enigma

I know some players use it in PVP. and it would work nice with Blinkstrike and some other builds in PVE.

I was kind of wondering how it would look having Enigma popping me around while shooting Comets all over the place in PVE. or how that would mess someone up in PVP.


Enigma on Orb makes it difficult to control when using teleport. One of my last PVP build posts was an enigma orb build. I would recommend this combo only to leave in the arena (with the right AI settings). Enjoy