What is better?

Is it better to put elem damage or weapon damage on a poison gauntlet?

Element damage. Because you can add elemental critical stats and add stats that make your enemy weaker to that attack such as lower resists. Weapon damage is just that

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if you only have 1 space on your Gauntlet, put +100% WD on it. if it is a low level Gauntlet, WD+ or ED+ would be better. there are Legend Gauntlets that have Legend +200% Weapon Dmg or +100% Elemental Dmg, but not both. Legend Chest, Head, Ring, and Necklace items can also have the +100% ED, so if you wanted to, you could end up with 6 Fire Element items with a total of +600% Fire ED. if you were using Epic +20% ED on all 6 items, that is only +120% ED, 20% more than the +100% WD, but it took up 6 spaces for +20% more damage. +20% ED should only be used if you really want to do more damage and don’t have access to something better. the +5,000 ED normally is only used by players in Battle Arena.

the difference between WD and ED is that Weapon Dmg affixes only apply damage to the weapon it is on, where as ED can be on any item or weapon and is applied to the weapon of the same element.

you don’t need Elemental Damage affixes to use Weaken or Elemental Critical Chance. but they do increase your damage, so that is what makes them good.


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As for WD+5000 vs WD+100%:
Your weapon needs to have an average base damage of 5000 or higher for +100% to be better, this isnt the case for many many weapons
As youll find from the above link, +affixes are applied AFTER calculations, same here, your damage will be increase by the epic +100% or the legend +200% THEN the +5000 will be added. But the weapon damage is calculated before anything else so +5000 WD is my go to.
The mythstone ‘endow’ gives +50%WD, this is additive to the +100% WD for 150%, (not 2x1.5-1=200% or 3x1.5-1=300%) making it only viable if your weapon has a base damage of 10’000 or more which never happens

By base damage i mean the weapon at +25%item quality, level 100 with NO affixes, just the raw value

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Hey soo umm question should I remove this +2 attack?

Multi Attack and Extra Attack Chance are only good if you will be using your MH Primary Skill as your main damage attack or as big support of whatever Skill is your main damage attack. 2x MA & 2x EAC takes up 4 spaces, 3 if you have the Myth Stone for +4 EAC, 2 spaces if you have Eternal items with +4 MA & EAC. if you don’t plan on using your MH Primary Skill as your main attack, take it off. if you have a space to spare, then keep it, that is 2 extra 50% Primary MH attacks. every bit of damage can make a difference.