What is the calculation of 'per rank' in any set?

How to calculate ‘per rank’ in any set?

It relates to the set level… for example…

Adventurer (6)… thats rank six.

Equality increases DMG and All Regen by 7.5% per rank of your max HP/MP equality %

If you equipped +2 All sets and +2 Set Numbers ot will give you 5 rank on your set affix.

To calculate: 1+(7.5% * 5)= 1.375

Your Damage and Regen will be multiplied to 1.375

what is the 1+ in your formula? instead of 7.5%*5=no.

That +1 in formula was used because you increased by a percentage. Its the fastest way to calculate percent number.

Lets use 500 as your HP
Instead of this:
500 * 37.5% = 187.5 + 500 = 687.5 HP (increased by 37.5%)
But if you use the +1
500 * 1.375 = 687.5 HP

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ahmm ok. Thanks.

Lol… that pangahazzz. You should see the discord chat. Them calculations. :slight_smile:

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Yep. I’m generous like that xD. I won’t share immortal build though or many secrets of anybody join for that reason and there’s too many immortal anyway.

I wanna ask another question.,
What is the multiplier of ed+, wd+, hp+?

If this is for arena then for flat WD and flat ED its 1040. For flat HP its 1540.

Flat WD, ED and HP are additive.

is hp% multiplicative of hp flat? is ed% multiplicative of ed flat? on pve.


You could look at this thread to have a greater idea about how HP/MP calculated in arena. :point_down:

And this post about HP/MP calculation on PVE.

sorry pangahazz but your formula on 1.755=no. is wrong because it doesn’t divide and add the numbers. It should be 7.55= no only.

What do you mean?

What do you mean?

You see what it says at (5) and then divide by 5.

If it says 125% at (5), you need to find out what that is in (1) of the set affix. How? 125÷5= 25% . 25% per rank.

If it says 62.5% at (5) , it would be 62.5%÷5= 12.5% at (1) .

If you want the PvP result with +2 all sets, that (1) becomes (3). That just simply means ×3 the normal % per rank.

If 25% per rank, 75% at (3). If 12.5% per rank , 37.5% at (3). 100% per rank would be 300% at (3) If such a set existed for eg. If 7.5% per rank, it would be 22.5% at (3).

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Now I get what he means.

1.75 is the sum of 1+0.75. That 0.75 was the converted value of 75% from 25%*5. You can’t add a whole number with percent so you need to change that decimal number.

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yeah I know .75 is 75%.

yeah cuzeg. you got what I mean.

you’re still wrong pangahazz because you think to get e.g. 75% of 100=75+100=175 instead 1001.75=175. but that’s not the proper computation. the correct should be is 75% equality blah blah. It should be.
let’s remove % for example then it would become 75
5(rank 5)=no.%

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