What kind of Jobs do you have?

I ask this purely out of curiosity. I plan to do an IT career at some point in the future but at the moment, I’m doing an IT course at college for some years is my answer.
Although me being a DQTester is kind of is a job but it’s a hobby that I like to do for this game because I enjoy playing DQ.


I am a technical in programming, but currently I study for Architecture.
I came to the conclusion that programming is not for me, i like it as a hobby but working with it is very annoying.

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I see.

i graduated IT yet i dont have work/job, but i own a small computer shop, thats my source of income :smile:


I work in marketing/transaction side of things for a real estate company/ investment group.
sometimes I take on tasks for, graphic designs, SEO and blogging here and there and I work from home. Spend a lot of time in computer. I studied computer science and have passion for programming and IT related stuff. But money is evil and led me to this profession


Ahh i see. What inspired me to think about IT was playing Minecraft and seeing a computer repair. Well i like Technology​ even more so today like smartphones and rooting my Android device . Also i was thinking it could kindly of help me become a PC gamer easier even though i can learn on the internet anyway.

Obviously i have much to learn but I already enjoy it anyways. I even liked seeing the work experience hands on.

My previous dream career idea when i was younger was thinking about game designer , photographer, engineer and even some form of scientist or an interest in Astronomy. But I chose IT because that’s the subject I’m most interested in and engaged in.

Talking about minecraft and IT, have you seen how unreal what this guy did?

THIS IS UNREAL - Pokemon Red Remade in Minecraft

Look 22:24min

Oh i was about to see that video but WOW. Now that i think about it, that’s amazing! I was planning to make a Minecraft version of DQ lmao if I knew how.

@N3-RD , https://youtu.be/KbnZvRz5TU0

This is the video i watched for the same video you posted. He’s my favourite minecraft YouTuber and he’s what inspired me to play Minecraft again and think about the DQ Minecraft idea. Open world DQ would be awesome after all.


Hahaha It would be amazing, if you can please increase the drop of Ragnarok Chakram, I thank you very much :joy:

This is where i talked about the idea.

Also maybe i would do that about increasing ragnarok drops on that game idea. Basically it’s either making the Minecraft DQ or a possible different game idea based off my experiences of DQ and Minecraft.

I took Com. E. but doesnt fit me.
Now I’m dealing with buildings :sweat_smile:
And I can eat meals 3x a day.


I have a job at hating my life.


I have no life

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Im a fulltime reporter here. :microphone:

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reporter = cry baby :fieriparrot: :dealwithitparrot:

Yeah ! Tears of joy :joy: like this.

ur an architect? or civil engineer?

The one that does not sleep during student years :sweat_smile:

Me. Well i do sleep but usually very late. I’m always the guy that had 5 hours sleep at college. Still am lol.

I’mma Graphic Artist and works for any Advertising related stuffs :smile:

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