What's a good Companion for Wizard (Campaign)

Hello, I’m new to the game and I’ve readed Floor 50 so far. Im planning to hire a companion but I don’t know what companion should I choose. I can survive on my own as a Wizard but I want to hire a companion so that I can do more dmg to mobs.


I’ve been thinking for a while and I wanna ask, is there like companion roles in this game? Like use it as a tank, healer or even just a dummy companion where you give tons of luck/gold stats and boosts? Does companion stats also co-exists with the main character? Like I get double benefits when looting? (Example: my main character killed a enemy with 0 luck but have a companion with 20 luck). Does that work?

There’s no companion specific roles, but we definitely do make equipment for specific purposes, for example:

Farming: hireling can carry ItemDrop% but not GoldFind or Luck. I did make a post to explain how much Luck and GoldFind the main character needs on mythic3 difficulty. Generally it has just enough damage to kill enemies on certain floors, around 300, 500 and 1000

Damage (floor climbing): mostly for fun, just to see how high in floors you can reach.

Pvp: way too complex to fully explain here, generally they’re tanky enough to survive a couple of hits, and deal as much damage as possible. There’s lots of posts about these kinds of builds

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I dont mind doing PvP, i just want to be rich and strong at Campaign hehe. Can you link to me some more posts and guides about this? I’m kinda new here. I will also take a look into your post. Thank you!

You also said that to get to Floor 100 asap, so do I just need to rush to Floor 100 then do mythic 3? Cuz Im currently at Floor 60 and doing Mythic 3 Runs so far since the beginning