What's next for Dungeon Quest

Now that we’ve finally completed our gigantic content patch, we are going to use the next patch to focus on implementing an Account System for Dungeon Quest.

Our goal with this system is to allow players to save their characters on our servers so we can address the following issues:
[li]Save data loss from phone reformatting, replacement, or battery shortages[/li]
[li]Playing across multiple devices, even platforms[/li]
[li]Specific errors that could be fixed by updating server data which would allow the player to pull down their fixed save information[/li]
[li]Not having a way to gift players gold, items, etc[/li][/ul]

Nothing upsets us more than having players lose their characters, so we’re looking to getting this released as soon as possible ( Way faster than last patch :wink: ). Afterwards, we can go back to more fun things, like new items, classes, enemies, and whatever else players are interested in seeing. :smiley:

As always, thank you everyone for the support and feedback!

Is there a place for rebalancing new abilities in the nearest update?

Which skills are you thinking about?

Tornado from a Gauntlet and Disc from a Sword

Tornado will have its damage increased by 50%, Piercing Orb we’re not touching yet. I know the mana cost is pretty high, but its a very powerful ability. Try building a character w/ a lot of mana, regen, and leech :smile:

This patch is out on the Google Play store now. Version: 1.2.3

This patch also addresses several other issues most notably we have changed the way we save data in our game now. We only save the game when exiting/entering a floor and upon returning to the main menu (essentially any game play transition area). This will decrease the amount of writes we make to save game greatly reducing the chance that users can interrupt the save call and destroy their save data.

This change has also resulted in a performance gain on most all phones. In the past users have experienced “slow or laggy” game play when picking up a lot gold or engaging a large group of enemies. With the new save game changes in place users should see less of that!

Well… how about gladiator fights like enemies/bosses spawns all the time and u have like 5 lives and when they run out u die… or some other system… and would be nice if u add some challenges for 100-200 floors also make limited edition weapon/armor shop for money in game… like legendary staff stats 1. 2 bolts 2. Seeking 3. attack speed 4. % damage 5. % toxic 6. Thorns… and that staff is just 1 in game… with different look what u can not find in game… for like 100mil or so… then what about increase lvl to 199 cause 100 - 200 is kinda hell rounds… so if u increase lvl to 199 we get like 300 more ability points to be more powerful… well thats all for now and i really enjoy ur game thanks alot :smile:

The gladiator fights sounds cool :smiley: we had not really thought about having a “# of lives” mechanic. We are talking internally here at SB about different ways to do do some aspect of multi-player and challenge levels. Thanks for the post and for playing DQ!

I recently read the notes about the next patch and I must say I’m very excited about the new things.

On another note, here are some things I would like to see.

  1. ability to customize backpacks (name, color & shape)
  2. set loot tiers to automatically be placed into a certain backpack of your choice (rares in one epic in another ect)
  3. ability to lock loot and have someway to seee that the loot is locked
  4. this goes along with 3, sell all unlocked loot
  5. identify all button, price = cost to identify all loot x 1.25
  6. ability to see increased basic stats (energy, health & power) when items increase them

now with all that being said, I really like this game. I play this more than any other game on Android.

Love the ideas! We’ve actually talked about doing 3-5 before but haven’t got to it yet, I know how tedious selling and identifying bags worth of items can be so we plan on making that easier. We’d also like to add the ability to re-organize items as well with drag and drop.

We would definitely like to show the stat increases for everything possible ( e.g. Health 22500 ( +12500 ) instead of seeing just Health 22500 and not knowing how much items are increasing ) and I know something that’d be useful to me is being able to see a list of all the affixes you have somewhere that totals them all. With a total possible 36 affixes, it’s hard to keep track what’s adding what, and we can make that easier.

Thanks for the feedback! :smiley:

when is the next patch ?

Very soon, we’re just testing and killing the rest of the remaining bugs.

I’m very excited for this patch!! :smiley:

Are you able to give out any info on the next class? :wink:

I have a suggestion : An option to change the quality to Low / Medium / High. For the older device like my galaxy Ace^^

Settings will be getting an overhaul for next patch 1.4, when we’re adding controller support and finally getting around to adding more to our environments, effects, and dungeon generation.

If there’s any other settings you guys want to see, let us know :smile:

color palette for items

special abilities past orange rarity (perhaps purple) that can change how the secondary attacks work.

abilities should be in tiers closer to items them self (white, blue, yellow, orange, red & the skill changing ones :wink:

Uhh, have you been reading my mind? This very well could be a thing we see sometime…

Also, not a bad idea as far as the ability tiers go. Was actually thinking of an alternative way to boost abilities through affixes, like +2 Meteor, +3 Whirlwind, etc. Would be great being able to focus on a few skills, making them extra powerful. We’re also hoping to get the talents and talent +affixes in a better place as well, making each choice just as interesting as the rest, but that will be an ongoing thing.

Was there any plan to add something like a talent tree that lets you spend points to specialized buffs? Maybe something like Borderlands 2 has (badass rank).

The challenge system we have now could be turned into a “Badass rank” ( what it was inspired by anyway ) type of system or like what the paragon system will become in d3, definitely worth looking into. We’d, of course, have to do it in a way that preserves what players have achieved through challenges, but gives them a bit more interesting stat collection to choose from.

Not sure if we mentioned this yet, but Challenges are becoming account wide this coming patch, and we’d love to see something more interesting done w/ the system in one of the next patches coming after. Would also like to see challenges mean something after floor 100.

Perhaps challenges that are based that have tiers to them. Such as getting 10 rare monsters killed on enemy power 1 gives lets say 1% damage then it turns to get 10 rares on enemy power 2 for 2% then 3% and so on till power level 5. But make the list like the previous floors. This way the challenges can have greater overall reward but be harder to achieve.