What's the best way for me to find gear that can be made into Mythic's?

I know you have find 4 sockets gear but today i reached Floor 100 and i still haven’t found a single piece of 4 socket gear.Does anyone know how to find them easy?

You can add empty sockets to an item with crystal Zircon. This way any item that has at least 4 empty spaces can be made into Mythic item. You can clear up affixes on item with crystal Kyanite or Quartz, but remember that quartz removes random number of affixes. All Mythics recipes can be found in the Griffins Smithery: Griffin's Smithery: Mythics
Remember that most Mythics can be added to just 1 type of item.

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@kajfik000 Thank you for the help i appreciate it . Also What rarity
is Zircon?

If im not mistaken, zircon is one of the ultra rare crystals. On floor 100 plus myhtic3 difficulty, there are lots of items that have 4slot. But those items are just yellow or orange items. You will save alot of zircons if you use a 4slot item that can be looted on that floor. Hope this helps.

Zircon is ultra rare, lvl 80 crystal. Even with Crystalline set it is very rare to find.

Thank you for the help

I just reached floor 100 today lmao

If you can grind on map 100 plus mhytic 3 youll surely get the 4slot itemsas well as legend items.

Thank you Dos,grind only on 100 or higher than 100?

The higher the floor the better. Around 200 plus floor m3 you should get unreal hood and fabled blade. Those are legend items that have 4 slot already.

@dos Thanks for your advice it totally helped me and i have alot of 4 socket gear now