Whats wrong with the DPS-Meter?

Hey Guys,

i am a Newbie in DQ. I play it since 3 days :slight_smile:
My first stat to assess whether an item is good or bad ist the DPS.
But very often I am confused due to the values of the Items.

Why is here the DPS value of the better item so bad??

P.S. Is it correct that the value on the left shows the change after equipping the new item?
P.P.S. sorry for my bad english :smiley:

:confused: weird will look into what’s causing this one

Nothing weird. The GUI just can’t accurately calculate Chakram’s DPS which has a very unique mechanic.

The Chakram’s APS is Projectile Speed dependant that bypasses its CD. The GUI uses normal APS calculations.

hmmmm…its confusing…the right side have better dps…y is it that the left side is much better…sorry for my english…:grin::grin::grin:

…man…i want that build to equip…but…when i compared their dps…the left side is much better…why is that…?

@Remszkie1 cuz ur wep on left side had 5000 wd and 50 wd% which inc dmg of the wep itself thus inc dps.

I suggest you look up the DPS formula and keep it in mind when you want to accurately calculate damage. Also, if you do know how DPS is calculated, you can ignore the bar that shows how much DPS you will gain.

Also have a look at this DPS guide:
Breaking Down the DPS formula .

This might give you a better idea of how the DPS formula works if you didn’t know it already. Hope this helps :smile: .

Left side has better DPS. It has ASpd and explosion all of which are multiplicative increases and affects all of your attacks. Also Inferno does nothing for non Fire weapons. The DPS meter calculates your Total DPS (you have 4 different attacks) while the DPS number on the weapon only calculates for that weapon.