WhirlBomb build(warrior) revealed

Gooday Fellow warriors. i recently lvl my warrior i got hookup so easily the Nightblade armor+demonic aura is just too cool on warrior lel.
ok enough with the chit-chat. i know lots of u are warrior fanatics like me.

are u a whirlwind lover?
are u having problem dying a lot on packmaps/high floors?
are u tired of slowrun?
are u not contented in ur dmg output?

dont worry PROBLEMSOLVE(no kiddin by far this is the best warrior build ive tried)

I PRESENT To U whirlbomb build

Note : i cant upload vids tried all screen recorder doesnt work on my phone
- i would love to post screenshot but
mobs/bossjust to die to fast
cant time well the screen cap.

this build was tested on lot of packsize maps atleast above 1k+ floorM3 didnt die even once.

W/the ms boost from sprint/whirlwind/adventurer and burst dmg from frozen u can clear a whole packsize map in 1-2mins

if ur floor hiking(just killing carto) it would take only around 15-30sec.

this BUild fucos on spamming whirlwind while running through enemies and by using smokebomb proc to blind them and arc to freeze enemies ahead.
MH special : whirlwind
OH special : shatter (for utility)

Set affixes : frozen, pathfinder, momentum,
adventurer, defiant, rage
Crystal affixes :
220%cdmg-max cap 350w/rage affix
30%dodgex2 - great dmg boost w/pathfider affix and for survival
crushingblow 29.3%- great affix for higher floors

Mythic gears:
Arc - so u can freeze mobs ahead on u and deal a whooping 600%mh dmg.
Brutal - 3x cdmg for deadly
Santuary - survival
Energy- great dmg boost work well w/ whirlwind (has bug issue will be fix in upcoming patc)

talent : Might, provocation, assault, on amulet u can decide any
also i choose smokebomb proc for survival and also cuz my pet got +20darknes talent(45%dmg to blinded enemies)
but u can stil so thia build even w/o darkness talent.

Note :45-60% elemcrit 45-50% smokebomb proc are mandatory for this build.
survivality: no issues all mobs are freeze ahead taunted and blinded all of them are disables for tnt proc/skyfall 60%dodge and sanctuary will help you.
The rest stats are self xplanatory feel free to raise suggestions/question regarding the build.


can u tell me why ur crit dmg is 350?
i see 220.7% and rage 5 which is 0.625*55, 34.375%, assuming your natures is all crit dmg thats another 60%
still dont add up to 350, haha. maybe talents but i have no idea what warrior talents are.
pls help i wanna also get that crit dmg with just 2 affix.

220cdmg + 45%crit +rank 5 rage is enough to reach 350cdmg … rage affix formula isnt right …

all my nature is of all element @kevs926

IMO Arcanist on MH instead of 5k weapon damage. I know you have frozen, but arcanist is too good to be missed on any PvE build.
I will probably use something like this when I finally get to unlock higher floors. Still sitting at ~700 max, but now i have a reason to push higher :stuck_out_tongue:

Arcanist effect (arcane debuff) only implanted on enemy/mobs IF he (player) attack with arcane element, not any element cause crit implant arcane debuff (already test)

That idea u suggest can work only if he change talent on necklace to wrath bcoz the AoE damage from wrath in Arcane.


that is correct. (i had also tested that on a plagued warrior and works only with wrath,(which is best for worms only.lol))

arcanist is build for arcane, also compatible with multi element builds such as elements, ascendant

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@Msiiek tnx for the suggestion i would definitely test it out as what @cronos4321 and @darellleyesa said i would change talent of amulet to wrath in order for arcanist to be effective. goodluck w/ floor hiking u definitely make it to 1k in no time if u just focus on carto alone.

was thinking o changing crystal affix of hammer ro another deadlystrike instead of dodge since i already got 50%dodge from 30%amulet 10%agility 10%horn. though i would lose some dmg d u guys think it would be a gud idea?

if i were in your position. i would stick with dodge. since you have pathfinder (it gives you additional damage). 30% deadly is just enough. or if you would change it then, better replace it with a set affix(thats just for me)

@darellleyesa i gues il take ur advice. tnx. dis way i can save some crystals too since i only
have few obsi left lol.

Then it’s really poorly described. IMO applying arcane debuff with any critical doesn’t mean you need to use arcane element. It’s just saying it applies a debuff called arcane.

What it should’ve say is “Attacking enemies with arcane element applies Arcane Debuff on every critical” not just “applies arcane debuff on every critical”. I’m reading it wrong or description is saying you get arcane buff whenever you crit. Nothing mentions you need arcane type damage.

@Msiiek i agree with u first thing i thought upon reading the decription is whenever a crit land arcane debuf activate. but sadly when i test it out only crits from arcane element produce arcane debuff

description should be change and update to keep players from misunderstanding.

How about having a 5000Hp in all items and 100%glasscannon.

@albertros adding 5k hp is pointless if u got 90-100%glasscannon almost no value added to ur hp pool. besides u cant survive atks from high floors w/ hp.

btw epic affixes gives 10khp

i do have 99% glasscanon on my gear affix lol.

@cronos4321 i have a theory if we apply ur dama dama no mi build on a rogue/warrior which has no amplify talent. i think its better to use arcanist w/o ascendant. so that we can mutiply/stack more dmg faster since were always casting arcane element only unlike if we use ascendant will have to wait arcane elem to proc. though having 5 element stil has its advantage.

that is why it says – applies “Arcane” debuff.

if it can be applied to every elements,. then the description could be this short “applies debuff on every critical”

True that damage stack can be faster, but as u said and know having 5 element give more advantage. It just wizard have more advantage over elemental build.

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Let’s make it different: let’s say on every crit it applies a cold debuff. Do you need to have cold type spells or any spell will apply cold element debuff?

It only suggest you need arcaneelement for it to work. The set os really nice, but descriptions are sometimes not ;p

That why ppl usually test new things to understand it and to see how it really work.

From what u said and how confuse u are about it, I do believe u haven’t test it yet. Am I right?

@cronos4321 @darellleyesa maybe @Msiiek got confuse in the description and was not able to test it out cant blame him for that.

arcanist set is realy good i guess the only problem is when u kill mobs so fast (since arcane debuf vanish when mobs die right?)
the dmg boost pretty hard to maintain.

im not good with terminology but i think its should not name arcane debuf since its not a debuff in the first place its like a buffer to hero.

debuff - negative status cast on mobs/remove buffs on the target. am i right?

just a suggestion though:
ex. Upon hitting a critical hit on mobs using arcane element. arcane burst activate (inc ur dmg 4% per rank) stackable

does arcane debuff only stack once per target? or can be stack multiple on singe target everytime crit hit landed ?

correct me if im wrong though.

Element Debuff:
Shock= Increase damage by 12.5% per hit. stackable up to 4 per target.
Ice= Slowed by 50%.
Poison= Deal 80% poison dmg over 8sec
Fire= Deal 80% Fire dmg over 2sec.

Notice there are none debuff effect on Arcane Element Weapon? that Arcanist Set are used to make arcane element have debuff ability.

For how many it can stack. its only Once. but u can renew the effect on each crit attack. I believe each Debuff have their own duration. So i think u can only renew to make that debuff always active on enemy until it die. The boost, u can see it increased on stat page (dps status) when the mobs dead or there are none effected mobs, DPS status back to normal stat.

Mini Info:
Already try shock build +Explosion affix+Arcanist. Those explosion seem like deal in arcane ele, but i think its not since my dps not increased, what i mean is that explosion not implant arcane debuff.

Farewell 19Ruby. lol.

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