WhirlBomb build(warrior) revealed

I added it on my warrior farming gear that have wrath talent to destroy crates and stuff and it was working. So i assumed it works on anything that crits. My warrior is poison type.

I also added it to my mage but didnt look how much damage he was doing becosue even before he had no problem with dealing with epic+ monsters (the only purpose of my mage in farming).

As i don’t play much lately i tought it is working on every crit no matter the element. I just stated that what can be obvious for one, can be not understandable for another.

I’m pretty sure it’s one stack per mob. Otherwise you would quickly start seeing the buff to your damage even on single monsters.

i think explosions, reflect dmg, and bleeds are not of any kind of element. i have never seen a reflect do elemental crit, except from the manashield one. the affix reflect doesnt have elements. i think they are all the same kind - explosion, bleed, reflect

accdg to codex, the element debuffs are
arcane from ascendant

@Msiiek See that? Whatever element your warrior use. As long as u have wrath talent it will work bcoz wrath effect deal in ARCANE element.

@kevs926 its normal when Codex not show right thing lol or not complete. Don’t refer from codex too much, arcane debuff from ascendent reduce other element resist, arcane debuff from arcanist, increase damage depend on how many mobs effected. Take that Msiiek warrior build as example, he said that he use poison element+arcanist+wrath (deal arcane DMG). I don’t think he use ascendent to have arcane debuff from ascendent to active arcanist effect increase damage base of how many mobs effected by arcane debuff. Mean arcane have other debuff beside reduce other element resist and that new debuff for it is from arcanist, Dev probably forgot to add that in dictionary since that is new thing and just implanted on 2.3 patch,

@cronos4321 just follow up question cuz im stil confuse haha pardon me.

so arcanist will work when atk by a arcane element and follow up by crit regarding its element (fire, ice, poison, elec) ?

cuz i dont see my wrath deal crit hits. so i was wondering how will it proc arcane debuff

It have I guess u just probably not able to see it since its AoE serounding u, and while other damage number still popping up

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I tried Arcanist and the effect of Arcanist doesn’t work at all unless I equip Ascendant because there’s no Arcane debuff added on enemies until I use Ascendant.

Wrath crits. Its my hobby to kill a dying ally mob/creeps with wrath. Haha

Hi, i’m new to this game. I am confused about the part where you have hammer as the MH weap and whirlwind as the special skill, and horn as the OH with shatter as the special skill, how do you get that?

Using amber gems😀 you can change your special as long as your not trying to change an eternal

I see. Thanks! Also, how do you get the (5) set bonus when you are equipping different sets?

You can get legend items with +2 set affix or put an elixir myth stone in your ammy and ring for +4(+2 each set) . You should move off this topic though. There is a lot of stuff in the forum. Read up and get your basics down and it will help you a lot. Go and check out griffons smithery. Lots and lots of good info there . It is here on the forum. Just search it up top. Also search anything your not sure of and you’ll get more info that way too

Alright. My bad. Thanks for the info though.

It’s no problem at all. Everyone will help you out here. And you did nothing wrong. Just trying to help steer you to where the better info is. I’m still new myself even after 6-7 months of playing lol

I don’t know how you guys did your tests but you are wrong.

Bah, I shoulda looked at the date instead of replying to old posts…

hahaha. right! maybe its perfectly working with the new patch. :cold_sweat: :sweat_smile: :joy:

Look at the date of the post. It was always working as stated. Dunno what you guys did to test but arcanist never cared about arcane element.

Guess, i failed. Maybe it was unnoticeable from the set that i have used.

Thank you for the correction

220.07%*(1+34.375%) It almost arrives the cap


Please describe in complete what is the original gear before you do the edits. (What legends name did you collect for gear before you edit them?

@gimulet mayhem amulet aether hat for ring and armor u can use.any since all of affixes can be rolled via ruby. For mh glinting hammer then for oh insolense.