White Flag

damnnn saving those pet from enslaver, but now I feel like I am enslaver lol… Why it is so hard to get second eternal pet, give up, ~

I can’t even land my first green Pokemon…


Why are you saving maps? O.O

You gon get reported by some of them plebs in the hackers and cheaters thread cause they dont even know eternal pets exist XD and think youre hacking >.<

Also, could you post your rogue farming build? I really want to make one myself that gets to high floors. Is there any way to get a bow with mythical/eternalised/crystalline/nadroji or one od those affixes with jasoer from anotger class?

save thoae map for 2.1

I dont have farming build for rogue. my rogue is full dps lol. i use my war fortune bringer to farm and my hireling kill all thing.

u need master ball lol.

All I have are rocks lol

lol… that what u farm. make pub with that rock. i know some pet love to hang at pub lol.

Why save them for 2.1? Is there something special?

2.1 make mythic 3 more worth to play in. and that map is mythic 3 difficulty floor 700+ all map lagend affix buff will go beyond cap as steiger said. so basicly i want to use ir at the best time. 2.1 patch + iap packsize + eternal map = :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

I don’t even have 1 eternal Pet. :cry:

LOL don’t, just don’t :joy:

Without eternal pet you’ve already wrecked my char in PvP, can’t imagine if you got one :laughing:


Same and map… :’(
Imma bout to give up on the eternal map…
Was on the 25 map kill and got and red map with eternal sanctuary…

How do you get so many!? And the eternal maps? Please tell how to get lol

pray often to RNG God :joy:

just got no.17 legend pet by random drop. [Momentum]
When i see it in red shiny colour im pretty sure it was imp. also when collect. it say in red colour legend imp. but when i see in inventory. it was hound. and it spike. is it intended or minor bug.?


Awhat do the affixes on eternal maps look like. This image is the first time I ever see eternal map. Are they double the normal affixes so the average 400% is 800% or 500%= 1000%? When are eternal maps more common to get? I cant even get eternal map or pet and eternal trophy too.

all eternal kind thing is only have like 1 in 100 chance the only way u can do to help getting it is via eternalized set affix.

except for trophy. u need to have eternal chest. and open it. if u get trophy it will be eternal. (should have 4 eternal trophy by now, but the very first try in open beta. it drop just normal legend trophy lol) just hope this bug from open beta is completely gone.

I have high eternalized but i think I have to be a really high floor in order for it to drop a lot more eternals. Im thinking floor 250-500+ maybe is when it happens? Is eternalized better than crystalline? For now, I either have eternalized with crystalline or just one of the two to farm some rarer crystals and legends. Im only at floor 200 :frowning: . I use both nadroji ring and amulet to get crystalline or eternalized to 5 since i dont have the luxury of having 2 elixir mythstones.

i farm at floor 100+ and i just found that legend pet on floor 156. legend pet only drop at floor 20+. so basicly u can start found it at floor 21+

anyway its up to u. if u want farm crystal affix. then u can just use crystalline and secure crystal affix in it. if u want ultra rare crystal. u can just use eternalized. coz getting eternal item is much more easier. eternal convert = ultra rare crystal.

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