Who Is the Strongest AI in Arena (May 2 - 31)

For you guys who ? give me a list of your top Five.
No matter even if the player is on mythic division just comment your top 5 Strongest AI. :slight_smile: Just for Survey.

Lets make this forumn more alive

I nominate for warrior is @Mandelbrot (brainless)
For rogue AI tanky w/ decent dmg i nominate @Sachzna_Laparan
for high dmg rogue i nominate Kaboodle
For wiz i nominate @P0cKMaN (PocKwiz) - dunno wat happen ur char suddenly vanish from div 1

-SJJDKK here
Happy pvping

Im not there haha there are more strongest in div 3but i also nominate that 3 that you tagged

i like your build on you rouge before fast regen haha Its hard to kill with the support of freezing. OP I try to imitate it but I failed. Haha

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Cornytwo? Whahaha

Cornytwo moto😂

I will give you bente. Pambili ng panty. Hahaha

Strongest ai . atm :grin:

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@roykiyoy your warrior is good Th you got another Pet with Total hp,luck ,hp so damn Lucky


@anon91429674 oh u met my warrior in 2v2? Back in 2.0 dq i farm a lot of eternal pet luckily i got 2 terrashaper w/ decent affix. But almost 70% eternal pet i got got crappy stats. That warrior though has no dmg its only function is to tank for my rogue in 2v2 haha its like a punching bag

CV eternal spamming in div 1 same builds :rofl::rofl:

CV seems to proc so much in less than 5 seconds. That damn amulet. I understand warriors but I don’t get why the Wizards also seem to have such spam of CV. Hero point of torrent shouldn’t affect wizard unless they have +All Skills.

Maybe it’s the reduced CD?

Although damn some of those opponent have such a high damage reduction which I expected. Hyper Armour could be to do with it and maybe other factors apart from resists and such. Skullshield and Shields all is super defensive though.

Hardest opponent to defeat in one round is pockman because of that crazy damage reduction. Takes a few rounds and not dying to defeat.

The all resist crystal matter for wiz spamming eternal amulet one of them i forgot the name was using astral for wizard talent and thats for total Resist for Ed… but then i was wondering all of those major user has identical roll of affixes … i know it sounds fishy but then those builds are possible with a lot of resources Kudos to bloodymary my senei who tried to formulate the builds of top ranks cv user… end of the day you can still progress with the builds and learn how the ai works

I think pockman is a old player dq tester.

No they aren’t and you are very aware of that aren’t you DQ-Pat aka pockman :slight_smile: