Who Is the Strongest AI in Arena (May 2 - 31)


Funny is all the effort that have been made just to exploit DQ itself but still has its weakness and still you can smell its stinkyness and im drolling for more information about this players… no names where mentioned :joy::joy::joy:

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You already know what it is. Rotten tomatoes as it’s finest…

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Im probably the only player in div1 who does not have CV :smile:

I don’t have CV either lol.

*getting 3D :eyeglasses: *

*eating :popcorn: *

waiting for replies


@CuzegSpiked then wer two now :smile: cuz ididnt see ur rogue in dv1 4days ago

I made a warrior build but TH i didn’t know how to use warrior in PvP :dizzy_face: ill just let the AI do his work…

I went away since I was modifying my build to have more HP and damage reduction as well as ice.

Then that didn’t work but the HP did work. I did try permafrost and harmony for MP Absorb with Harmony but I don’t have the MP Pool for it . However I could try equivalence+ harmony+ MP Absorb for a future build that is not discordance.

I will return soon . Good damage with 50-80k HP now. If it was 10k HP era, way more HP.

Basically same old rogue orb setup with shock but more HP is the only difference. No crits because of flawless victory which is why I chose fauns gift + luck + all resist. Survivability and high damage = win.

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I think any charging AI with strong procs such torrent and storm are very hard to deal. Particularly, i have faced a warrior with near 300k HP named somewhat like gameover.

I decided to finally play a few rounds of Ver 3.0 PvP today with my old warrior build. Still waiting on friend to join before I use my wizard.



  1. Mandelbrot
  2. Gameover


  1. Kaboodle


  1. None

Still your ai is my best choice it adapts any play skill +1 for you settings

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Thank you @Kaboodle

I think I might have earned my first defeat vs the internet so it needs a ranking. I will know if I get the loss in the next two hours.

Confirmed – it took about 1.5 hours for the internet loss to show up


Thank you :blush:
You said it,no real strong wizard yet.

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In mythic league
I found warrior with 1m hp+block this is very hard ai :frowning:

internet connection is on the top of my list.

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lol. Finally I’m defeating you well but that Pockman guy is so annoying to try to defeat but all I have to do is retreat and keep drawing until I kill him super fast.

You are much better AI than Pockman anyways.


I decided to check out 2v2 also. Results below. Surprisingly, there was a very good Legitimate Wizard. I must have missed this wizard when I went into Division 1 earlier today.

Best Combination Nominations:

  1. Extrahot_V2 —> Great Wizard @anon91429674
  2. Kaboodle
  3. Gameover

:confounded: too bad im not really a fan of battle mage wizard… it’s so hard to use for me :frowning:
I think the AI is better in using that hero than me :slight_smile:

You absolutely right… and i think BattleMage wiz is the hardest and dominant build for me great power + dmg reduction anti all Jobs

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