Why ios don,t update to ver 2.1?

i don,t have to update ver 2.1 because ios?

Because it isn’t available on iOS yet :sob:

how long for avilable T–T

Be patient bro, they’ll release it sooner or later :smiley:

thx alot :grinning:

As a dev said. It’s comming soon :smile:

Apple/iOS version 2.1 is out now.

Best day of my life :joy:

Any news on when 2.1 is coming out? I just downloaded it on my iPhone and it’s 2.0

That string says 2.0 on my Android even though I know it’s 2.1. Do you have the option to purchase potions in the shop? They were changed in 2.1 so you don’t buy them anymore.

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That’s just a display bug. But if you see an ascension perks & random pet buy on shop, you’ve already downloaded the v2.1

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Thank you. It looks like I do have 2.1.

Hey! It’s a known bug, that the setting has been decleared with the wrong version. It gets fixed soon.