Why you should include "Enshrined" on your ascension list

I got Enshrined last week for my 5th ascension. Pay attention @Golem! Started dropping ultra rare obsidian etc on legend floor 101. Not a cascade but enough to make me consider a 6th ascension

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haha, when I was Ascending, that was my third one. getting 2 Shrines and the Pool were great! my 2 favorite combinations were Experience and Attack Shrines, or Luck and Item Drop Shrines. I wish I had gotten the Hunter Shrine fourth instead of fifth, because I started getting the Monster and Treasure Feats so often, I got dizzy from watching them pop up on my screen when I completed them multiple times on the same map. oh yeah, I did Dealer fourth, because by then I need a lot more gold for Ascending. I think you should go for the Eternal Green Frame for you Character, mine looks pretty cool. :sunglasses: I think most people get Eternal Ascension for at least 1 Character for farming, but I think I must be a little crazy, because I want Green Frames for all my Characters! :heart_eyes:


@Golem In July I’ve played this game a year so I’m going green for the sake of it. Then I can add it to my achievements of creating imaginative builds, entering eternal pvp 1v1 (I hope I will get 2v2 in), finding my favourite pet merlin and to top it all 6 ascensions :slight_smile:

at the moment, I am debating with myself if Ascending solo, Ascending a Hireling with an Ascended Main, or Ascending a pair of Toons at the same time is faster. when I am done Ascending my Hireling, I think I will try Ascending 2 Toons of the same level at the same time. Ascending solo was pretty fast, and using my first Toon to Ascend the second is fast, but the level difference is affecting the leveling speed, especially when going for the last 2 or 3 Perks. the third option will be fun, because I will be doing a Rogue & Warrior Pair, and I can switch who is Main and Hireling for testing purposes.
as far as the post goes, I remember thinking about the Enshrined Perk. I realized that normally, you have 1 chance in 6 of getting any 1 Shrine + the Pool Shrine. with Enshrined, you have 1 chance in 3 of getting any 1 Shrine, with 1 chance in 6 of getting the same Shrine twice (I could be wrong about the math) + Shrine Pool. I didn’t put Item drop on my gears because I have 1 chance in 3 of getting +200 item drop from Shrines, and didn’t want to be selling items 3-5 times every map. with a Hireling, +100 all the time, +300 when you have the Item Drop Shrine. hmm, I might have to rethink my Farm Builds again. that’s 4-6 extra spaces on each of my Toons. plus Shrine Bonuses are increased, except for the Hunter Shrine (need Hunter Perk or Ring for that). the only downside is when you have 2 of the same Shrine, the Bonus’s don’t stack (except for the Hunter Shrine, it always spawns an Epic Guardian) :frowning:

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How much will 1 have to pay for my final ascension @Golem :fearful:

well, @dickwad, if you look at the Patch Notes for 2.1, the Experience you need for each Perk seems to be 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x. but I read so many posts where people were saying they got all 6 Perks in a few days or hours, that I think the Dev’s changed the multiplier for Experience needed for Perks to make it more challenging, I think. when I was Ascending, I have to admit I was a little concerned about how much Experience I really needed. also, you go to Level 1 after you pick a Perk, and that includes when you pick your 6th Perk :worried: :scream: :exploding_head:. last night I was thinking about this, and realized that the 3 Characters I want to use for the Arena don’t need Hero Points from Heroic Levels, since they are not used in the Arena, unless you get them from Affixes or Myth Stones on your Equipment, and Perks are not needed in the Arena either, so you don’t need to Ascend any Character for Perks that is only going to be in the Arena. as you can tell from my post here, I have changed my mind, I am only going to Ascend 2 Characters who are going to be Farmers or Floor Climbers, and the other 3 will just be for the Arena. this will save me a great deal of time.

If i remember correctly, the first ascension costs 5M and plus 5M for each following ascensions. For the 6th and last ascension that will be 30M

I think @dickwad was wondering how much experience he would need, but yes, in terms of how much Gold is needed to get Perks, it is 5 million x the number of Perks you are getting. so 5 million for the first one, 10 million for the second, 30 million for the sixth one. lots of gold needed for Ascending.

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I meant both gold and levelling. Better save 30 million :blush:

Ascending solo gives you all of the experience. Having a hireling divides the experience and takes a lot longer to finish…

Or that’s how it was when i did my ascensions. But that was a few years ago. :smile:

my main is Eternal Ascension Ascending a Hireling, and when Hireling goes back to level 1, Experience Boost +.4% or something like that. and that’s with 6 Quest stones on both. this was a good thread on the subject.