Wizard Build [EarthShaker] [PVE or 2V2 PVP] version 2.0 with Video

patch 2.1 is coming out, why build now? Right? Well I kinda got bored of waiting.
I saved almost 2 stash of eternals and fair amount of crystals and by the time
2.1 is out im sure i’ll have enough resources again ^^

This guide is for:
-players who wants to know basic wizard info
-players who haven’t played wizard but would like to try one
-players who needs another char for 2v2 PVP
-players who doesnt want to spend many resources in trial and error
-players who wants a wizard hireling while your main farms

We already know how powerful poison is. Thanks to cronoc, ocenyx and others.
You’ve probably heard of read the aftermath guide of Cuzegspiked


Anything that has great affix. I personally picked gauntlet because of 100% poison damage.
You can also use wand or staff that has 100% weapon or elem damage

Manashield is a must for this build. This is your core. Wizard benefits from all mana related affix
and manashield is a perfect synergy.

use Amber to change the special skill to Shatter on your off hand weapon.
i’ll explain later on why we are using shatter.

Our Set affixes will revolve around Mana, Mana Regen, Total Mana

(Permafrost from pet)

DRUIDIC - This is our damage multiplier. Using my build let’s do some math.
Poison DoT DMG x [30,000 + 15,000]/ 4000
Poison DoT DMG will be 11.25 times. That’s right 11.25 times stronger.

poison damage multiplier. that’s it. we wont benefit from HP and armor

This is our spamming skill. Taunt and fear is our defense against mobs
Most importantly, reason why we are using Meteor and Shatter

at level 20 Shatter has 52.5% stun chance. PERMA STUN THE MOBS!

increases damage and HP and Mana Regen that we will need for Druidic

more mana is <3. great for our mana shield and it increases our mana regen

Wizard talents gives some boost in stats based on your resistance and that +Mana is <3

you gotta have this. 38% of damage converted to Mana is ridiculous. Pair it with mana shield and treat it as damage reduction from mobs.

At this point I probably dont make sense yet. Be patient, continue reading as I explain the rest.


-why did i choose this one? I dont know I just love to see meteors falling from the sky
-cosmic orb is a good choice as well. it’s a matter of preference because either
will fit this build

-this serves as our elemental crit (toxic)

-more damage for crit because we are going to pick deadly strike and other chest mythic wont fit.

-EYES HERE. So, basically we build around Mana regen which is 30,000 and 15,000 HP regen
and we have 38% mana absorb from Permafrost. We get 9.5% of damage converted to HP because of harmony. Oh I forgot we have Mana Shield! What does that tell you? Read below

-it’s no secret a lot of people are using this with harmony but not to this extent. You can tank those mobs. You are tankier than someone with 1 Million HP. Dont let the numbers fool you Why? because of harmony, hp + mana regen and Mana shield and stealth proc.

When you are about to die or have low HP and no mana. If your taunt/ fear/ stealth activates you have 30,000 mana regen over 5 seconds and 22,500 HP over 5 seconds again!

this can turn around the outcome of the fight, prevents very high damage opponent and mobs from 1 shotting you. No more skyfall or Tnt Props


hp regen , mana regen, crit chance, crit damage, deadly strike

  • you only need 1 mana regen affix to fill the 30,000 cap
    -you can get 2 HP regen to max the 30,000 cap

Get dodge it really helps against pack of boss mobs
Get Ignore Resist for PVE

total MP, All resist, MP on hit

attack speed, CD reduction, hp on hit, total HP, Block


More spells = More Damage

Unlike Rouge who can put all damage in 1 arrow as a wizard we will have lower damage output per attack but more damage source and damage overtime. So, Dont be jealous if you see someone with 1M DPS. Even with 200k DPS you can still have 6 Billion damage from a single spell

Blight - for poison damage multiplier
Twister proc- to disable mobs and more damage source
Storm proc - more damage source
Stealth proc - being invulnerable for 2 sec will give you time to fill your HP and Mana again
Earthshatter proc - more damage source = more damage ^^
Immune affixes - good for PVP

+5000 Mana
+5000 Poison damage
+5 to skills

I’ve mentioned earlier that Resistance can be useful especially in talent tree

FOCUS - for more damage or BARRIER for more damage reduction
AMPLIFY - for damage or INFUSION for damage reduction
ASTRAL - more damage based on all resist
RECALL - minions is a great diversion/ decoy


I just want to show a vid of how it looks like. I used it as a hireling because I cant keep up pressing the button that fast. This wizard is war monger it wont even follow me = ( M3 507 Map, you will see in the vid that the highest damage recorded here was 2Billion (i guess) and the lowest is still around a few Million without having enough point in other skills.

With wizard talent Fester it increases element effect duration by 50%. That means our poison DoT will last 12 seconds. So, every damage you see multiply that by 12 or times 4 if poison cloud. That should be your total damage output for the entire duration of DoT. Too bad the mobs dont have enough HP so we can see the total number of ticks

For example we saw 2Billion damage in this run. which i think is from poison cloud. So, total damage after dot duration would be 8 Billion.
ill climb to around floor 800 and let you know how it goes ^^

There you have it folks. That’s how you play wizard with poison. Utilizing Druidic for damage and snyergizing HP, Mana regen for mana shield. I do not suggest using it in pvp 1v1 as it has obvious weaknesses but can be your 2nd character in 2v2 PVP.

Don’t forget my intention is to give you ideas on how you can build your own so you are not crawling in the dark and you dont have to waste resources or quit playing if it fails. Cheers!


Nice guide! Added to build compendium :slight_smile:

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i love something like this…! u know guide used to guide not to copy. Guide lead to understanding and inspiration. knowledge idea creativity combined will lead to creation the new one.

That’s right ^^ I love how the builds evolve and encourage players to not get bored of farming and grinding because crafting is fun ^^


poison is amazing right. somwtime i feel it so weird when i use other class, i need pump alot thing to get high dps and damage but poison, plagued+druidic+300%ED+high regen. thats it billion damage lol.

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can’t wait how v2.1 will increase the damage ^^

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Very nice build @f00kee! Good explanation as well, very helpful to new as well as experienced players! Finally a build, that isn’t mainly for Rogues :stuck_out_tongue:

Block Affix is only working for Warriors btw. It used to work for every class, but has been patched.

Looking forward to more builds from you. +1

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No wonder I dont see it blocking attacks. lol thanks for the info.


i think the 24.6% mana affix on your offhand can prolly be replaced by the 5k + one. it should give a lot more mana and hp given the mana % bonuses from the sets.

that’s right ^^. I just dont bother it for now as I plan to put Elixir there. Just waiting for vendor to be nice to me= (

another thing is maybe use cosmic orb instead of bombard and timewarp proc instead of storm. but thats another bunch of crystals to burn again, let alone the need for another ED% weapon and maybe a new nadroji amulet.

edit: hmm i thought about it again and time warp wont be that useful since meteor wont benefit from it. nvm. :stuck_out_tongue:

does nova proc on where your spell hits? or just around you when u cast a spell?

@ilidan371 there a lot of variation. you can use cosmic orb and timewapr to boost projectile dmg. For this particular build tho we dont have projectile aside from comet and I prefer spells that has high base damage. But yeah that could be a vaible option ^^

Nova is only around me when I cast spell

so maybe that’s what i would replace. elem crit instead of nova. i was thinking of a very similar pvm build that would just spam comet, proc meteor, zenith for pierce chance. meteor will taunt to group them all up and comet that will pierce and explode at every enemy pierced. not sure if it will work though. very cool if it does.

meteor has short range so you will need to shatter to the enemy then meteor. Shatter has 50% chance to stun as well. That’s why having only nova is not an issue because you’ll always get close to the mobs. The effect of aftermath is ridiculous my fingers cant keep up pressing the spell button

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Gauntlet. Great choice!

This looks really good in paper. A game vid and the post is complete :grimacing:

I’m gonna post a vid. Im climbing now. It’s taking sometime coz I’m farming at the same time.

brother @f00kee what if i dont have gauntlet i have different main weapon but not gauntlet but same stat like element damage can i use that ??

You can use that as well. Your other option is the weapons with crystalline or eternalized sets. those weapons have +100% elem damage. Then just jasper it to wizard’s weapon

ok thanks brother more power :smile:

i try to follow your guide for a week now… this is what i got so far… but using so much resource… i think i stop here… is that ok…???