Wizard / Storm / Poison


I’m playing Wizard - Storm - Poison. I’m on the 1200th floor.

It takes me a while to kill bosses with poison resistance

If you have anything to suggest about the build, I would like you to help.


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Adding Ignore Resist or Weaken will significantly improve your effectiveness against poison enemies.

Ignore Resist is the simplest solution since it only requires replacing a single affix and can be rolled with Ruby.

Also, it doesn’t look like you have any elemental critical or toxic to trigger your Blight affix, rendering it useless.

More can be done done with this build, but I don’t trust my opinion as much as that of @Golem who will undoubtedly be here shortly to offer more in depth help.

is this a Farming Build, a Climbing Build, or a Hybrid Farming & Climbing Build? and is this a Hireling? also, what is your Power Stat?

for a quick fix…

take Explosive off of your Helm and put Ignore Resist instead. also replace the +5000 Poison with +10 Focus (this will give you a total of +20 Focus which gives you +50% Weapon Damage% for both MH & OH). if your Power Stat is around 50ish to 60ish, you should get a lot more damage than you are with +5k Poison. you lose Effective damage on Shock Maps, but you don’t have to worry about -50% damage on Poison Maps, and you don’t have to worry about Greatly Resist Poison (monsters on any Map might have Greatly Resist Poison) and Immune to Poison either.

take movement speed off of Amulet and put +10 Storm instead. take Storm off of Helm and put +10 Dodge. unless you are good at moving around to not get hit by your enemies.

this should help with understanding how to improve your base damage, if I didn’t make it too complex…

@DJC Wizardry Talent is giving +20% Elemental Crit, and Storm has a +1% Elemental Crit per Rank, I think.

maxing affixes:

  1. use Diamond to max out Legend affixes (this rerolls all Crystal, Legend, Epic, and Normal affix values on Item)(if you have 2 Legend affixes, and one can’t be rolled with Ruby, max out the other Legend affix and then use Ruby to hopefully get a max value affix of the one you can roll).
  2. take off one Epic affix or Myth Stone & Socket and use Obsidian to max out Crystal affix (you need one empty space on Item to do this).
  3. put Socket & Myth Stone or Epic affix back on Item.
  4. use Fluorite to max out each Epic affix one at a time.
  5. None Of This Will Work On Eternal Items.

hope this helps.

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Thank you for the explanations.

Finally, what do you think about Dauntless and Sanctuary in the ring and necklace? Did I make the right choice?

Sanctuary is good for any build, unless you want a Necklace Mythic that does something else…

Dauntless… I think that there is a 60% cap on this, but I just read in Griffin’s Smithery that it should be possible to get 100% Resist damage… if there are 100 enemies within 10 yards of you, but as soon as you start killing them, Damage Resistance will go down, and on higher floors, you will eventually be one hit killed even with 99% Damage Resistance. this is only really useful for Farm Builds on floor 500ish or lower, or Ascending Builds on floor 100ish, and on lower difficulty levels where the enemies are doing less damage. you would want to build a Dauntless Mythic build with other ways of Damage Resistance to get the DR as low as possible.