Wizard with rogue hireling 3.0(Final BUILD)


Rogue (option 1)

Rogue(option 2 )

Comment If you like or have some suggests!!

How to kill epic+ worms with heal affix:

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Why have +10% proc on wizard when you dont have proc affixes?

Daamnnn that +10 magnify is insaneee

To proc nova .Taunt(Ice) + nova(immolate) one Arrow explode every mob.


I put + 300 frostibiting (removed 2 glasscannon and guidedshot)

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Also It procs the skullshield because the amulet talents.Skullshield and mh especial skill also immolates.2 crushflames kill mobs faster and then explodes to kill epic +enemys.


I did not know it works like that woow interesting.

Kaiobbd could you post a video showing us a Dungeon run. I want to see your build in action.
Note: About heal affix on mobs, is better to remove it from the map using the Crystal Stone that change all the epic and lower affix; sorry don’t remember the name of the Crystal Stone.

You dont need to Skip heal affix with this BUILD😄.


i made some changes.Put this pet to triguer mirror image with deception on ring (30%enemys to miss)Also put more Frozen damage with frostibiting and Ice damage.Ambush on amulet with mirror image triguer shock effect for eletrecution .

And this one is my Full burst version(I love to kill big enemys with It :smile:)

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Amazing video, great frost explosions, tons of items, over 2 millions gold and fast Boss kill in less than 3 minutes. :+1: :+1: two thumbs up.

edit bane what happened to the pet on your wizard? a legend pet without set affix? Amazing!

I removed the set affix :smile:

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You can also use epic pet

wazzup bro ive been following your builds since ive started dq, and its nearly a month now… somehow ive managed to hit floor 600 with just trash oldschool crit rouge and cheap built farmer main warrior. Now ive gatthered resources no do a mimic of your builds. one thing comcerns me HOW DID PLACE A CRYSTAL AFFIX TO A ETERNAL EQUIP?

sorry for a noob question might happen i dont want to spend those rare obsidians just to experiment… Thankyou for your response in advance idol! keep it up!

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That would be ultra rare eternal legend. You can either find or craft it.

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Lol sorry i was confused coz i thought crystalline was only for crystal find or rarity rates… haha never thought legend items with crystal affixes are called crystal legends… noob me sorry bout that… desc. are somehow confusing in game…

Q= ill take this opportunity to ask… im really confused regards aethernal drained set it says it adds +25%mp per rank and a total of 125%addtl mp on rank 5 set. but when i checked my stats it merely multiplied… :joy: and also descriptions on items specially sets. and effects doesnt match the codex dictionary descriptions… Makes a noob like me brain damaged lol :sob:… thanks for any info regards this…

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The codex sometimes are inaccurate but the desc on the item is the accurate one and about the aethereal drain set Im afraid you need to wait for others to comment because I have never tried the set lol :joy:

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