Woot Naj ring floor 117

Now I have neck and ring and hat

congrats, now go collect the robe :grin:

Nice catch :blush:

whos that pokemon~

its nadroji.

floor 127 2nd Naj neck woot lol

Nice. You should turn your nadroji ring into a hunter ring.

soon u will get sick with that set like me. ive found alot of that set, consider they are pretty much rare make me want to keep that thing and endup eating my bag space lol.

tips how to get it. “Shake the trees” sometime nadroji will drop. lolol


Either of you have a good WW build for warrior? Looked like others might be outdated

i dont think the other is outdated, maybe more time spent with that build lol.

Was I looking at the right one?

what u are looking at? pokedex.? lol

I think is was one in the guide section done by diieter

Erm. link.?

The DQ Builds Compendium Those are the ones I was talking about

There are a few in there but they seem to be old

they all build around year “14” i not check 1 by 1, but lot thing change now. so yeah it kind of outdated by date, pretty sure there must be some part or idea can be used now.

Nardoji is a scam

btw i dont think its possible to get nardoji by boss

I may turn the neck/ring combo over to my wizard not sure yet

The floor requirements for rare legends I think are, somewhat bugged? Got rare legends in floor 100+ however the required floor is 350. Cataclysm for example. I think I got 4, 2 for rogues and 1 for warrior and wiz. The Mythical Chakram is also eating my space. Got 6 of it now. Still waiting to find Nadroji Robe and Hat.

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