XP farm build with the dankest of wizards [blightedswamp build] [pve] [wizard/warrior/rogue mythic 3 experience farming build]

I’m glad you found it useful Cuzeg :smile: the whole goal of this was too make XP grinding drastically easier for everyone :kissing_heart:

Agreed. Maybe this should be on build compendium or something for newer players to pick up once the veterans have maxed out to eternal 99. This is must have guide for anyone willing to level up fast enough and get the perks.

question: is there a list, other than codex, where I could type “legend affix” and I would get all the legends that drop with said affix?


Please let me know if this helps. I think this is what you’re looking for I believe. Many thanks to @ocenyx

That’s freaking amazing. Thanks Scooty for showing that to me. And thanks @ocenyx for reposting.

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@Skaul has an updated version in his SHTT thread.


I didn’t know @Skaul had updated the LegendEx. Thanks for sharing.

Yeah; let me know if anything needs updated, or if you have any suggestions. :wink:

Today morning I changed my build to look more like this one, finished rare ascension after maybe 30 floors, while first ascension took me about 70 xD, by the way did u know that if u buy +xp in shop u get 500%xp instead of 200% with mythstones

I’m glad it helped you out :smiley: and yis I did :3c if you take the enshrined perk and get an XP shrine as well you get +1100% XP which with the mythic 3 is a total of 1375% XP :smile: which is absolutely absurd

It there anything more satisfying then that moment when you hit level 50 and swap too a mythic 3 map with pack size and get an XP shrine and you gain 20+ levels in 2 minutes tbh

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Hah, I did (something like) that on my current ascension. 49-50 felt like it took forever, then suddenly I was 60 before I finished the floor.

Exactly! what ascension are you on now?

I’m only on my Rare ascension. I don’t get to play more than a few floors a day at best, and don’t have enough CS to set up good sets.

I currently play on Mythic 1 with a Fortune Bringer inspired farming/xp build with a bit of poison damage and very few crystal affixes, and let my hireling kill stuff with his janky ice build. Now that I finally got amethyst to give me Plagued (took ten of them!) I can actually do some damage, but I struggle to solo anything above rare mobs so I can’t ditch the hireling.

Aaaah I see nice one on reaching rare ascension it’s difficult as hell with out a super optimized build highfives you :smile:

Rare is difficult? It’s only the second one :stuck_out_tongue:

Hell yeah rare is difficult during the entire time I was coming up with this build (which included a couple scrapped pieces of fully crafted gear cause they didn’t make the cut) I still couldn’t reach it :smile: the first few ascensions are hella difficult pre-optimization so congrats as hell on reaching the second :grin:


There is only one more satisfying thing, getting 60milliom xp from legend boss, by the way a little tip for those who want the reach eternal fast - pick enshrined and hunter perk, will help a lot, on every map 3 epic mobs from each shrine, 3 mobs from fountain, enslaver and cartographer, after 5 maps u will get your legend mob

Exactly :wink: legend and mythic enemy xps so good

and thus the second hardest 6 levels of hellish experience increases too complete begun

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