XP farm build with the dankest of wizards [blightedswamp build] [pve] [wizard/warrior/rogue mythic 3 experience farming build]


Yep, and I tried the azure battle gear on the rogue… doesn’t feel right imo hahaha. I’ve always wanted to make a set for a wizard [necromancer] . hopefully when i farmed everything that i needed . I’m gonna test out the build im planning :smiley: it mainly revolves around the minions , haven’t seen a build with regards to minions sooo yep :smiley:


Hell yeah if you do a minion one you should post it too the forums because I would definitely be interested in one I haven’t really seen them utilized much but they definitely have the support too be pretty awesome :smile:


Yes!! I just need to test some of my theories regarding it, and compile the equipments first, then grind, and then test it if its effective untol 500+ hahaha-- wooo xD


Hell yeah! I wish you luck :grin:


What floor for Ragnarok?


It’s on the codex, found past floor 100.


Hello, I just started playing Dungeon quest last night, so I’m pretty new. Do you mind if I ask how do you get the orb special skill on another weapon?=o



Use the Crystal, Amber, on your weapon. The Crystal will give you a list of random special skills to apply to your weapon.


Ahh can’t believe i missed that while skimming through the wiki :< Thanks so much Skaul!


Wow levelling up has never been easier with this guide. Even without copying his build, my own build is just as good in exp gain on solo mode with 200% exp gain mythstone. Now eternal is gonna be an easy journey. Just gonna try and make nadroji robe and amulet match together for the exp build and a few obsidian for some minor changes then I will level up too fast! Haha!


I’m glad you found it useful Cuzeg :smile: the whole goal of this was too make XP grinding drastically easier for everyone :kissing_heart:


Agreed. Maybe this should be on build compendium or something for newer players to pick up once the veterans have maxed out to eternal 99. This is must have guide for anyone willing to level up fast enough and get the perks.


question: is there a list, other than codex, where I could type “legend affix” and I would get all the legends that drop with said affix?



Please let me know if this helps. I think this is what you’re looking for I believe. Many thanks to @ocenyx


That’s freaking amazing. Thanks Scooty for showing that to me. And thanks @ocenyx for reposting.


@Skaul has an updated version in his SHTT thread.


I didn’t know @Skaul had updated the LegendEx. Thanks for sharing.


Yeah; let me know if anything needs updated, or if you have any suggestions. :wink:


Today morning I changed my build to look more like this one, finished rare ascension after maybe 30 floors, while first ascension took me about 70 xD, by the way did u know that if u buy +xp in shop u get 500%xp instead of 200% with mythstones


I’m glad it helped you out :smiley: and yis I did :3c if you take the enshrined perk and get an XP shrine as well you get +1100% XP which with the mythic 3 is a total of 1375% XP :smile: which is absolutely absurd