XP farm build with the dankest of wizards [blightedswamp build] [pve] [wizard/warrior/rogue mythic 3 experience farming build]


Yeah it’s my main char I love my wizard and honestly I don’t know what I wan’t too name the build too be quite honest


Sir if i remove exp gain affix what shoud i put on it like legend affix and epic affix etc.


I dunno it was pretty specifically built for XP farming so I never even though about what I’d want on it if it wasn’t for xp but if you want the easy answer some more blight and poisen damage +5000


How is your crafted amulet Nadrojis?


I used a nadroji amulet and stripped everything but +2 all sets and nadroji off of it then applied 4 zircon for the mythic then got the rest on there through the normal means :smile: hope that helps


Oh alright, makes sense.

Do you know if they set Nadroji’s to specific floors? If so, what floors? Still haven’t found one and I grind on 181.


Yes nadroji amulets and rings can be found on floor 100 and up from powerful enemy’s which means magic tier and up enemy’s and nadroji chest pieces and hats can be found on epic difficulty floor 200 and up from magic tier and up enemy’s again :wink:


Alright so I am just getting unlucky haha!


What recorder did you use?


Ok I must be missing something here. You’ve got 200% Blight which raised “cloud damage”. But I’m not seeing any Toxic affix to actually spawn the cloud.


The talent skill on his hat creates a 20% elemental critical, which is what is spawning the clouds.


oh i missed that. I’m taking this build for a rogue and was totally missing that. Thanks. Guess I’ll have to make room for Toxic on the rogue


Craft it using a Ruby to get up to 30% Elemental Critical on one affix slot. Very efficient.


Thanks for the help.

Allow me to be a bother once more: I need some advice on the Resource Mythic. I’ve always been using Energy with a bow because is pretty much limitless guidedshot. Should i keep using that or switch to another weapon + bloodmagic?


I used Google play games but it has some audio sinc issues : D hope that helps


here’s an example of the rogue weapon I use it has elemental crit instead of toxic because it’s more effective for the slot provided :smiley: as for the resource system and weapon you should choose honestly if you want too use energy you should probably be good too do so just make sure too spec into hp so that you get that survivability :smile: as for which weapon you choose it shouldn’t matter that much your main powerhouse is getting right in that sweet spot on time it takes for plagued too turn your poisen damage leathal so it can kill as many enemy’s in 1 shot as possible so for whatever weapon you do choose just make sure too have orb on it :smiley: and sorry for not responding sooner I was asleep at the time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Alright thanks. I’m really close to finishing the build just missing 2 crystal affix and that F$%^&&$ nadroji robe :sob:


Yeah I fealt you so hard on that nadroji’s robe :cry: I wish you luck in finding that nasty little bugger and it’s awesome that you’re using the build :kissing_heart:


omg, i might make my rogue a crystal farmer >< and then make a wizard as a main T^T thank you so much for this, always been a fan of wizards!


I’m glad I could help you out! <3 :kissing_heart: and hell yeah rogue crystal farmer rogues just feel really nice when moving around which is a big plus for making the farming feel better 10/10 would reccomend