So what ur single shot damage in arena.? coz im just curious if discordance swaping damage before or after bucanneer take effect. if it before, then im pretty sure ur Guidedshot only have low cd.


Let us take a moment to appreciate discordonance

My asshole still hurts.
We can conclude: Way way way too much damage.


lol that guy even use the name lohko. and its just 15-20k. lmao.




Oh well, I get 20m crits in PvM with only 3/6 items for my custom set complete. I’ll just stick to PvM XD


Yes if he use lohko builf d 15-20k is just way way too low than this guide damage lol


No, not with scaled down affixes and all. I get guideshot crits that deal 500 dmg with 350% crit dmg and 1500 with deadly strike and brutal. My bow doesnt have any +wpn dmg as its not completed yet, but that,s 30 times my damage (granted, I have a poison build, but still)


dont understand. u talking about Arena or PvE? lol


Arena lol. What did you expect? 1500 dmg in PvM?

PvM = PvE


this is lohko build guidedshot damage.


And that is while using the above build? Seems a bit high.


yes… using above build. it just lil BIT.


it depends on the enemies idk how to screen shot like i said previously…

mostly against low defense rouge and wizard it is around 70-90k crit not deadly crit…

strong defense warrior around 40-60k crit not deadly crit also…

it is actually higher than the 1st one i posted here even though my dmg stats dropped significantly

from DMG 364.8k-609k (LOHKO build i posted at the top) to DMG 247k-411k(my unique OHKO build)

if DMG drop that significantly yet i damage more(just a little higher than the LOHKO one i posted) but with that huge damage difference then i can say that buccaneer dmg is counted before the swap…i’m still looking for vicious bow to increased my damage :smiley:

BTW i gonna agree with chronos you can’t call the build LOHKO or even OHKO if your damage is below 50k…why??i actually met some warriors who have like 45k+ hp in arena…

btw the fire dot damage is increased by blistering right???


Ive seen one with 185k health, its like impossible to kill


185k health??are you sure he is not using edited gears??you should have look on his gears lol cause his gears might have been modified cause that will be impossible in arena cause if heroes and items was brought down to lvl 20 along with their stats then the 185k health is kinda impossible to achieve.

i once tried to enter my wizard and tried to put equivalence with hp/mp of 700k+ but in arena the hp was scaled down to around 20-25k…

so having 185k+ health will have him like around 5M health outside arena which is kinda impossible to achieve right now even with bloodmagic???


Everything looked legit, he has +7.5 health mystone ( scaled down ) on everything and like +900 health on everything



i wish i can just search that guy id and versus that toon. i want to see how much damage it can deal.


Hell I just want a toon that has that type of gear lol closest thing I have is the pistol setup that ocean made


here’s the biggest HP that I encountered in PvP :joy:

btw @cronos4321, this is your rogue right ?

the bleed damage is so high :laughing:
and how did you set your AI ? because your toon can suddenly blink far behind my toon in the beginning of the round