Everyone enjoy Crono’s LOHKO build as much as you can (And BLINKStrikers) I am assuming HUGE NERF, in 2.1


bleed damage is high.? just add some +bleed damage some +blistering some +multiplying in general damage and some spices added to wounded enemy, the spike come into play. lol

How i can blink. it just some blinkstrike proc and some close combat mechanism.

Lohko is like virus now. spread in arena so fast lol. for that, i need antidote ~


i dont mind nerf or whatever. i know what general player think. high damage mean need nerf, so how about a tank with massive hp, high hp regen, high damage reducing. that not op.? dont need nerf. u aspect what, create low damage build, high hp, high regen high heal, and just tickle each toon.? in 30 sec. both have full hp. high hp heal count and yet no 1 dead. and what more u are forced to play for how long. 10 round ? 20 round.? looping there. and force u to surrender.?

let me tell u. build it counter. nerf is not a counter.

#Im pretty sure u have trouble with rogue toon lol


Dont get butthurt, I am only saying what one of the mods said in a previous thread about a balance patch to rouge in PVP. I don’t have any trouble with LOHKO, its easy to beat. A good blinkstrike is much harder.

The reason I think they are most likely nerfing LOHKO is because it doesn’t require any skill (People who created it like you deserve the credit and have skill) But for the people who just copied it, its just a one/two click shot without having to target. At least the better warrior and mage sets require more than relying on one or two clicks AND have to get in reasonable distance AND target properly


that is style. why think of it.? it not hard as u say to kill those lohko right. Game = Fun. if they like doing that, its up to them, i just create have fun. get boring, make another build. and have fun, and loop. it just game lol. why want ppl hide their build. be stinky?


Not sure what you are trying to get to. I am not saying anything bad about you or your build, I am just saying the mod said they are going to balance it in 2.1. I don’t mind the balance patch because it gives people like you more reasons to find new ways to win. OP builds happen in all games and eventually get balanced


This is what i mad off, ppl assume huge damage is op and need nerf. but then nerfing without consider balance give another unbalance thing. Lets take example Greengarden primary damage dealer poison cloud. why make CD in Blight attack. while the other element crit effect dont have CD in element crit effect.

Ice = freezed enemy took more damage % frostbitting. so if u have frostbitting in all equipped item =600%.
enemy freeze for 3s. and in that duration if u can attack like 30 time per sec = 90 attack per 3sec. ice element crit effect make every single attack ×7 than ur normal damage. it same like u attack 630 times in 3 sec. u see what unbalanced thing.? no. because it deal not billion damage per sec… but in short time ur small number damage can reach billion without u notice. if they intend to balance than nerf. they should make frostbitting effect trigger on freezed enemy only 1 per sec. that is balance.

Fire. blistering each time fire crit (immolate ) happen u cause bleed. if u use vial and tap 3 times while attack with your primary. your bleed damage will renew for each attack / each tap. they should make blistering = bleed effect happe for each 3-5 sec since bleed dot it self have his duration.

Shock is same as freeze. they should make it trigger the element crit damage onlly once in 1 sec on effected (stunned) enemy. not EVERY time attack land.

Just making blight. its a nerf. making all. that is balance.


The balance updates usually are done to keep the game fresh rather than to actually “Fix” anything. People start losing interest when they are seeing same OP build over and over again or are using same OP build over and over again. Thats how most common players are anyways vs hardcore players. The balance gives players chance to find another OP build and thus cycle starts again


then it soon reach it end. when it nerf 1 and make other unbalanced then nerf 1 of the orher and keep the rest 2 unbalance. and keep that happen each time unbalance is seen. when everything is nerf and deal just average damage there will be no use in creating and crafting other build. since damage is just around that. why bother build another if it just give average damage/ almost same like previous build. they need to balance thing and rhe other is up to player to build, defense offense high damage high hp high regen. ppl need to learn how to build to counter other build, not learn how to ask for nerf.


Does SKILLED MYTHIC work with OH ?


Skilled mythic didt write it only work on MH didt it.? it just say it work for primary. basicly it work on oh primary too. Btw u are the one comment on greengarden build and “teach” me to use mythic right. lol


I made a wrong comment then I could not remove it
So I post a link to MYTHICS…
Thanks for your answer


•momentum at rank 3,increase damage by 30% current M.Speed.

If I don’t have any “+% MOVE SPEED” Affixes, how Momentum works ?
Momentum will increase dmg by 30% ?


any other M.speed source u can get.


If I dont have any M.speed resource, Momentum won’t works ?


if 0×1.3 = 0 right.? then it do nothing lol.


I think he wants to know wether it works with your base movement speed.


One quick question, can I really get a red weapon damage affix using ruby? Or is it fixed when you got the bow then you rerolled it?


it fixed in Vacuus scorpio bow. u cant get it via ruby.


Thanks man. One last thing. I’m still new to the latest updates since the last time I played was like 2012. How can I get Vacuus scorpio or Ragnarok?