how u can find it.? play, farming using nadroji set item, it will help find unknown location / Rare item.


Dude i try to copy ur build but i only got 20-30k(crit) and 60k(deadly) in arena -.- and deadly strike so rare to hit nahhhhhh


u build it wrong then, ask ppl around who use lohko, how their damage is.


yah i think so , its way too far to the screenshot you posted, :3 naaaaahhhh btw i still dont have cerberus and just now i read u change OH special to TW, ok ok ok haha
btw give tips how to find legend pet pls :3


Tips: Farming~


I figured out whats wrong dude and my deadly in arena now is 250k(deadly)
:smiley: this buid realy OP


Does anyone know how well set affixes work in the arena? I dont have items strong enough to test the difference :frowning:


It works the same as PVE but your +2 set would be aligned to 1 due to lvl scaling and the cap is 2 for + all sets




Naahh even cronos hiding some of the details of lohko buid haha you have to figure it out by yoself, you can revise lohko, and the stat distributions.


muehehe, the REAL always for the creator. this guide will lead to the secret tho. just need more knowledge and understanding to fully build it. in other words only experienced player can archive this build… i see u found it. keep it hiding lol.


Hmm okay. This is hard.


Yah dont worry :smiley: i had a hard time figuring it out, thats why ill hide it naaaahhhh wkwkwk


Hahaha i need that hard time too.


Tq for your cooperation. haha i have 12 Olympian Build but still thinking to post it or not. currently ppl only know about Aphrodite, zeus and maybe hera too (the build still not revealed yet tho)…


I am really a big fan of your build sir :smiley: ill be glad if you post other rogue build :smiley: coz i only have 1 character only rogue dont have money to buy other slot haha,


that bad. because 12 Olympian not only use rogue as base toon. some are wiz and some are warrior.


But if you have a new build for rogue sir pls share it with us :smiley: i really want to try dagger type rogue i made a dagger type rogue with poison element, its good at pvp but still have to improve cant kill tank s really sad can u help me improve it sir?


i stop remake ppl build, thing like that actually give me head ache lol. anyway tips for rogue dagger. Hit and Run. safety in safety out.


Thanks for the tips :smiley: btw sir cronos which one do you prefer? To discord the dagger type or not? I know it depends on yo build but uhmmmm…