[2.1] PoisonScream - Rogue Build By Conquest

Updated build:

This is a PVE build I use as a hireling but I also use this as my main 1v1 PVP character.
I’m not good at explaining things so I’ll make it short. The key to this build is poison cloud + scatter shot + taunt combo.

In PVE settings, Taunt can proc the poison cloud. Using scattershot burst to down weaker mobs. The highest damage I saw was 2B at floor 500 mystic 3.

In PVP setting, I generally wait until I see what ai does the enemy have. Rogues with Blink can be countered by taunt after you remove their stun with trophy. If the enemy ai is only spam standing you can use your Ricochet to focus them from afar. Always use your scattershot if the enemies got closer to you for chance of stunning them.

I got to eternal league with this build.
Suggestions for improvement is welcome.

Gameplay Videos:
PVE (as a hireling)

Warrior build is a modified fortune bringer with Smash for taunt, twister and taunt. Best synergy with my build if you only farm at 400f and below.

PVP Ai #1- No blink rogue with melee range


Nice build sir

Can you upload the gameplay of this build sir ? :grinning:

Go to division 1 sir

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I’ll try to find a recorder for android.

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Hmm ok sir :grinning:

The Google play games thing can record

I just noticed all the toxic and elem crit… You know it caps at 40% right? And personally i would do a quick bit of rerolling on the MH weapon to try and increase the ED a little more
The double crit chance is wasted, you go waaay over cap, why not change one for crit damage and then gain another 3-4 extra affix slots back?

Added to build compendium.

Yeah I know this is just a template when I change some affixes to Ruby affix, Blight. I’m too busy at school so I can’t play too much. Will edit the build about a week or so.


Gameplay video for one type of AI is up. Already updated the build too.