Will of the Force- Discordance Chakram Orb Reactor Rogue Build {PvP} Patch 2.5

Updated Image of build just below this guide

Today I’m gonna reveal my powerful Discordance Chakram build. Specifically using orb with reactor. Why? To take advantage of the 300% base dmg as well as that 0.1 sec hit frequency for 10 hits and deal very good dmg in PvP.

I called this build will of the force because it’s very strong. You can also call this build: force lightning or chidori or Medusa because it always freezes them in place easily and very high Dmg.

Reactor, Living Force, Momentum, Plagued, Vampiric Touch, Identity and of course Defiant. Gladiator of course on trophy.

  • **Reactor (3):** To get some arcs coming off orb. The orb won't always hit but the reactor still helps in stunning opponent and high Dmg. My orb does 1,401.2802375% MH% per 0.1 seconds. Reactor can get 37.5% of this so 525.4800890625% MH per 0.5 seconds.
  • **Living force (3):** To maximise the dmg by 60% and orb slowing down means it can stay on opponent for a while. Also good with cosmic orb. Could also use Demonic (3) but living force is better for orb as a projectile.
  • **Momentum (3):** Extra dmg boost. Simple as. Shieldwall gives 40%MS so 12% extra dmg at momentum 3. However I did replace with Demonic 3 for 60% extra dmg when I updated the build.
  • **Plagued (3):** Increase HP by 75%. I mean a little hp helps a bit but I don't need 100k HP or 200k.
  • **Vampiric Touch (3):** Increase HP by 37.5%. Good for having some HP because taking one CV or so before sanctuary activates is a good thing for this build.
  • **Defiant (3):** Increase my dmg by 15% . Also when HP at 90%, it turns into 15%×1.9=28.5% dmg. That little dmg reduction is there too but this build is more for DPS.
  • **Identity (3):** Increase my 300% orb by 37.5% . Very big boost for a Discordance build.
  • **Eternal Bloodless Victory:** The main reason why I chose this trophy is because of the 20% AR piercing and the purge chance. Very useful for the crazy dmg. Also the root to root players in place. Gladiator set is just there.


  • **Cosmic orb:** To compensate for 2 second CD or 1.78 Sec with 11% reduced CD.Also it does 354% MH per strands and there are 10 strands so if all 10 hit, up to 3540%MH. It originally does 300% but thanks to 18% Push the limit, it increases it to 354%. It's not too bad of course but the main increase was for Orb.
  • **Exposed:** Increase all dmg by 50% once player pierced. Very good for this build as the Orb and Cosmic orb pierce. Chakram can pierce too but that's not the main dmg and focus of the build. You can also use Brutal chest mythic as a way to use the deadly strikes and buff them by 3x crit dmg instead of 2x crit dmg. Totally up to you. After all, this build will guarantee a deadly strike but it won't always guarantee it on the actual orb.
  • **Discordance:** The main focus of this build to increase my 300% MH orb due to it switching from the normal 200% MH orb to 300% MH from the chakram to the orb. This 300% MH orb can be multiplied by Multi Attack , Extra Attack, Push the Limit and Identity. Also the orb does hit every 0.1 seconds for 10 hits a second. Having very high Dmg hit 10 times along with the support of cosmic orb and many buffs, you can see why I rose to no 1 eternal league Division 1 very quickly on 1v1. Even in 2v2 but in 2v2, of course the second character can be whatever you choose. Discordance also works very well on Procs so it can work on Terrashaper, Twister, Orb proc, anything MH as a proc with exception to the cosmic orb and other mythics. My Discordance Aftermath AI project did fail even though I had crazy Terrashaper values up to 31k without crit. .The meteors got the high Dmg and twister as well when I tested the procs.
  • **Sanctuary:** Gotta fight with no mercy even if I die and also because of low HP. Not too low that I get one shot killed but still low in comparison to the majority 100k and 200k hp.

#Crystal Affixes:

  • 8% Deadly strike: Better than no deadly strike and this is very useful in fighting. I have had up to 100k dmg through deadly strike for orb.
  • 11% reduced CD: Just there. It only reduces my orb to 1.78 seconds but it's fine. Was thinking of replacing with the MP regen crystal affix but my plagued pet already has enough MP regen. It's a very lucky eternal pet.
  • 2x 53% crit dmg (106% crit total as crystal affix): I got high crit chance up to 20% so might as well deal high crit dmg which can also sometimes turn into deadly strike. I also have 2 strength nature so 126% crit dmg.
  • 1× 11% crit chance as crystal affix: Well since the orb hits ten times, I thought this would be a really good affix to maximise DPS. Well I was right since I crit many many times and deadly strike at least once or twice. I also have another 10% from 4x death nature so 21% crit chance which is very good.
  • 1x 19% HP crystal affix:To increase my HP by 19% so I can actually survive few hits before sanctuary.

#Legend affix:

  • 2x 9% orb proc (18% total): Since procs also get effected by Discordance, this should be a great addition to this build. Also a nice way to compensate for 1.78 second cooldown. You can also replace this with twister proc or so if you like . Any proc is fine .
  • 3x 28% high voltage (84% high voltage):To make use of the stunned enemies. 84% dmg boost is huge after all. This can be used with stagger and stun paralyze.
  • 1x 10% elemental critical: To be able to paralyze. Also this is almost guaranteed thanks to the 10 hits per second orb and cosmic orb as well as reactor. Stagger 4 stun chance is only 10% chance as well.
  • 18% Push the Limit: Increase my Orb MH dmg by 18% as well as Cosmic orb .
  • 2 multi attack: To multiply my orb MH by ×2.06 (2 without mutilate 4). Mutilate 4 increases the already 50% dmg boost by 6% which turns it into 53%.

    How? It’s 1+(2×53%)= ×2.06 .
    1+ all sets legend affix (2+ all sets as legend affix and Mythstone affix together in total): Got this legend affix to save elixir even though I don’t have to.


  • 4x Death Nature: 2.5×4= 10% crit chance. Very good with 11% crystal affix crit chance for lots and lots of crits.
  • 2× Strength Nature: 20% extra crit dmg to get to 126% crit dmg. Nice to get highest possible crit boost.


  • Mutilate 4:Just because. It's still useful though for extra dmg to get to at least 1400% MH orb.
  • Stagger 4: 10% stun chance. Very useful with 10 hit per second orb to almost guarantee a stun along with paralyze to make sure high voltage activates a lot.
  • Ring Talent: Propulsion 4: Just there really. Not much ring talent I could use for this build due to how the rogue class works. If only there was... Still works if I hit them with chakram though and I use chakram occasionally to proc the orb procs and cosmic orb procs.
  • Deadeye 4: 4% extra deadly strike. Better than nothing. I originally had dodge in this build to go with dextrous 4 which can increase crit dmg a lot but dodge rarely works so it's not worth it.


  • 1+ all set: to go with the legend 1+ all sets to make sure I reach cap of 2+ all sets. Self explanatory.
  • 2+ extra attack: To increase my Orb by 39.75% MH dmg. How?

    Well 50% turned into 53% due to mutilate 4.

    (0.53+0.265)= 0.795 (79.5% boost ). However since it’s 2 extra attack, this 79.5% turns into half that which is 39.75% dmg boost or 0.3975.
    0.3975 +1= ×1.3975.

#Epic affixes:

  • 4x 1040+ elemental dmg (shock dmg): This increases my Chakram base which is 415 in level 20. This increases it more than combining 3× 24% ED with 24% WD. I originally used ED% but I learnt from Midlumer that this isn't as effective and it reminded me of illidian breaking down of the DPS formula.
  • 1× 54 MP on hit: This works well since my orb hits 10 times per second, cosmic orb hit 10 strands and this means big MP restoration so I don't run out of mana. Very useful. I mean 540 MP per second restored is definitely nice.
  • 4× 2080 HP (8320 HP):More HP for survivability. Got up to 34.9k hp with Vampiric Touch and Plagued increasing it.
#Eternal Plagued Pet Epic Affixes:
  • 280 MP regen:It's always good to regen 280MP very quickly. Therefore it's a really nice affix and to make sure mp running out is very much a no-no.
  • 2080 MP: This is how much MP I'm comfortable with in my build.
  • 8% dodge: just there which does replace crystal affix. I mean whatever. It works but didn't intend for the pet to have it. My old plagued pet had 4% bleed chance which happens to trigger so much even though I didn't intentionally want it.
  • 8% deadly strike:Very good for an eternal pet. I'm normally happy with 12% deadly strike but 20% is also nice. Almost to cap is very good.
  • 6 fester:Just there but it won't work on rogue. Still , if I were to use this pet for a wizard build like this, it's a very nice pet.

You shieldwall and vault up to player and put orb in their face and watch them suffer. Another way is press orb first and chakram and shieldwall to proc more orbs from 18% proc.

Ok this wraps up the build. I’ll do damage calculation on next page.

Video to describe how powerful my build is. It isn’t up to date but it should give you an idea of how you can use it.

I’ll do a PvE build Guide next for Discordance Chakram Orb Reactor build. Credits to @Mr_Scooty @Midlumer and I did get inspired by cronos build and they helped me make this great.
The latest video battle arena gameplay of this build.

Replace Momentum with Demonic. Also use 2 more 1040 ED. Remove elemental crit as High Voltage works with stagger anyways and optional you can remove high voltage and use things like extra push the limit, the 2 more ED and possible glasscannon/barbarian. I used 2 orb procs which could have been one 1040 WD which is optional. Well any proc, even twister. Also try scalp skill.

Note: I would have tried Timewarp but it’s bugged so it will not do anything, not even give me 50% Extra MH% to make my orb deal way I see 2000%MH. Also stealth I would have used if this build was made ages ago but I didn’t try PvP from 2.1 til 2.4 after my 2.0 build and only u til with, I started trying PvP again because I got interested again.

This is a guide. Yes you could copy it but you can also improve from original design or create similar builds with the concepts and how I did this get. I can see many fantastic builds from this.

#Here’s the updates to the build.

  • I removed Elemental crit as I didn't need it but keep stagger for stun.
  • Added 2 more ED for total of 6x 1040 ED.
  • Removed momentum and replaced with Demonic for that huge 60% boost when enemy below 30% HP which is easy.
  • I could use relentless of course but stagger for now.
  • Also I removed high voltage as it didn't really provide as much dmg as more ED , Demonic , 2nd PTL (Push the Limit) and Barbarian legend affix.
  • Weaken Crystal affix instead of 45% Reduced CD (11% in PvP) . That 90% weaken (20% in PvP) very much helps against high resist opponents and miss them 20% slightly easier with the 2p% AR piercing on eternal trophy combined. I only used reduced CD because of obsidian roll issues but also because I thought I needed it but I didn't when I found that it hardly contributed to my casting.
  • Using Scalp or Torrent as Offhand skill. Either will do you great favour in damage. Timewarp if the bug with timewarp not giving 50% MH to projectiles is fixed. This means my orb could deal 2400% MH and more per 0.1 seconds but I'd doesn't ATM.
  • Twister procs I chose because of the taunt effect but you can also choose 2× Orb proc and Storm price or any MH procs or OH like Torrent procs you want.

If you’re wondering why there’s two crit chances, it’s because I tried to get another 53% crit dmg (225% in PvE) but on Obsidian, it only gave me option for 45% Crit Chance (11% in PvP) and also that CV chest was already a pain.To compensate, I had 6x strength nature.
Sure I lost 10% crit dmg so I deal total of 116% crit dmg but that’s fine. My deadly strikes have been crazy insane damage for a long time as well. Even so Crush and GOB.PH difficult to beat and I suspect it’s because of resist so I may try weaken over reduced CD.

To do well with barbarian, I have MP on hit and MP Regen to help.
I can of course use scalp special skill to deal high bleed dmg and Dmg in general as well as other options such as Torrent skill or using Timewarp as buff to the orb.

I did manage to get 100k scalp deadly and same with 100k orb and twister , 100k arc in 2v2 or 50k in 1v1 and 20-40k dmg from cosmic orb occasionally. I have dealt 100k or so with orb without deadly too. Even on torrents too.


Amazing build ,thanks for your sharing.

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You’re welcome.

oh wow, interesting

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Damage Calculation:

Chakram has 415 dmg as top base.

Power 299 is reduced to power 60. How. Level 1 is 3 power. Level 20 is 3×20=60. 60 power means 1500 dmg (25×60) added onto 415 dmg.

415+1500= 1915 WD .

I also have 4× 1040 ED for 4160 ED.

1915 WD+ 4160 ED = 6,075 base dmg as both WD and ED are combined.

Chakram base dmg 300% is switched to orb by Discordance so orb turns to 300% MH dmg and chakram becomes 200% MH dmg.

2 Multi Attack: 300%×2.06= 618% MH.

Push the limit: 618%×1.18= 729.24% MH

Identity (3): 729.24%×1.375= 1,002.705%MH

2 Extra Attack: 1,002.705%×1.3975=1,401.2802375% MH dmg as final.

Orb dmg: 6075 base dmg ×1,401.2802375% MH= 85,127.774428125 dmg. Of course that does get nerfed by 95% under the rules of battle arena which is perfectly fine.

95% of 85,127.774428125 dmg =4,256.3887214063 DMG. This is the same as using 85,127.774428125×0.05= 4,256.3887214063 dmg to get the right answer.

Now for other multiplier like Momentum , Defiant and Crits.

Exposed Mythic: 4,256.3887214063×1.5=6,384.5830821095 DMG

Defiant (3): 6,384.5830821095×1.15= 7,342.2705444259 DMG

If activate shieldwall for Momentum (3): 7,342.2705444259×1.12=8,223.343009757 DMG

High voltage: 8,223.343009757×1.84(84% is massive dmg boost)=15,130.951137952 DMG

In Crits: 15,130.951137952×2.26= 34,195.949571773 Crit DMG

Deadly Strike:34,195.949571773×2=68,391.899143547 Deadly Strike.

Edit: I forgot the stack debuff calculation but basically it would improve my dmg by 50%. In 2v2, stack debuff can be stacked by hirling so it can actually be 100% dmg instead of 50% after 4 attacks (very easy due to 10 hit frequency of the orb).

Obviously it depends on opponent. Some opponent this is the case and this is generally the case for dummy but some opponent can reduce my dmg a lot. I still come out with easy 100k DPS or more.

Highest dmg I get. Of course this is dependent on the person. With great dmg reduction, my build will have greatly reduced dmg but is still powerful. Easily 100k dps or above.

Highest dummy dmg. This did take some time and the dummy did stand still but whatever.

Nice build thanks for sharing.:slight_smile:

https://youtu.be/7lSQZ0U1Wmo .

Here’s my other video for this build which is more up to date and this was a recording of my average arena session. At this time, I think @Midlumer also recorded a video at the same time as me. I was and in arena at the time of finishing this recording.

Wow, my AI won one round against you :relaxed: got an away chest last night, standing at the top.

It’s not good, but not too crappy I guess :grinning:

I was also nervous when recording and at the first few minutes, I did make stupid moves but yeah, your AI puts up a fight. He’s back to normal. I’m glad.

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Interesting way to take advantage of the orbs hitting every .1 sec, and I also like that you added on Reactor. I questioned Momentum but then this whole time I was overlooking the MS boost from Shieldwall. But Shieldwall lasts 4 seconds and the cooldown is 9 seconds, are you just waiting for it to finish CD before reactivating? Otherwise I’m thinking that’s a big hit to you being without the MS boost and consequently the dmg boost from Momentum for 5 secs each time (not to mention the dmg reduction)

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Dangerous AI Cuzeq :slight_smile:

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Oh I often use the momentum boost when the shieldwall is still alive anyways but good point. I do plan to change things up like try demonic or hunger or so. Anything like that. I am also testing a different idea like try and make it almost like Midlumer and see how I do and if I don’t like it, I can switch back to normal . Living force+demonic ftw though. I may add more ED+ and possibly more PTL with 1 barbarian.

@cuzegspiked Is 5,000 ED > 100% WD? I noticed you removed it from the Ragnarok chakram

Waaay better. WD% and ED% are useless in PvP :wink: in a few days hopefully I’ll have a whole post on that, watch out for it!


I did used to use WD% as well as 3x ED% and 2x ED+, 1x WD+ but after removing the percentage values and adding more ED, I found a huge boost. I knew this before when I made that meteor god but somehow forgot I guess.
Yup. Far far better. Also I added demonic to remove momentum after 2x extra ED, remove high voltage and elemental crit, dealt far more dmg. So much dmg that procs aren’t even needed and are just overkill at this point and I have no need for stunning my opponents to win. Pure dmg ftw. I’m not even done yet, I’m planning to add barbarian and an extra PTL. See what my power reaches. I see why Midlumer never uses high voltage lol. Also I changed my OH skill to scalp to wreck havoc on players. Even used relentless even though it’s small increase is 9% DMG increase. I will of course add 1040 WD back along with the 6x 1040 Ed and see how far I go.

I’ll show you update on my build when I think it’s required. Not now though as the updates and testing is unfinished and takes a while to finish and I haven’t tested all the changes yet. Man that RNG just won’t give me the affixes I want.

Lesson learned: never limit options of the obsidian or RNG will hate you and same goes with any crystal.

Example: if I have 1x WD%, 3x ED% 2x ED.

415×1.24= 514.6 WD. 514.6+1040= 1,554.6 WD. Power 1550. 1554.6+1550= 3,104.6 total WD.

3x ED=76%. 3 slots is too much. 3,104.6 WD×1.76 ED=5,464.096.
2x 1040 ED=2080 ED.
5,464.096+2,080=7,544.096 total base dmg. Still less. I mean yes it was more than the one I posted but it took more slots and it only takes 6x ED to be superior by a mile and even more so with 6x ED with 1x WD. The trouble with % is that it relys too much on WD.

Now if I have 6x ED with 1x WD and no % values to boost them with 1550 dmg as power due to it being 57 power and level 19 at level 20 for some reason and that it adds by 5 so 57+5=62 power:

415+1040 WD= 1455 WD. 1455+1550 = 3,005 total WD. Now for 6x ED which means total ED= 6240 ED.

WD+ ED= 9,245 (6240+3005) dmg. That’s very high Dmg even superior to both calculation and that was with flat values. Even without WD at all, it’s still far superior than what I currently get and the dmg is 8,205 as base dmg before it gets multiplied by anything like orbs insane base dmg and other multiplier.

It was only with some ED added that I get more dmg but even then, 6x ED gets you far more or 7x ED even. In level 20, percentage values are far too low to be superior than the flat values and ED>>> WD+, WD% and ED%.

Of course with eternal pet with 2080 Ed or legend pet with 1040 ED, I could get total of say 10k or 11k as base dmg before multiplication. Of course the 95% nerf does apply but yeah. There is WIQ% which is calculated too but I always don’t include it because I’m simply unsure that it actually multiplied the numbers and it’s simpler for me to calculate without worrying too much about WIQ but i still have 25% WIQ always anyways.

From now on, any PvP build I make will not include the % values of WD and ED and illidans breaking down was correct in both topics.

You removed all High Voltages?

Well I have one high voltage left and elemental crit but I’m planning to replace that with barbarian and push the limit extra and see how I do. Barbarian seems to do very well as an alternative but the real kicker is the extra PTL. Also demonic . Also I’m replacing elemental crit with the 4+ extra attack stone and that slot on Chakram with 1040 WD and I’ll see my power blow off the roof.

But if you want to keep high voltage, you only need stagger talent and replace elemental crit affix as stagger does trigger high voltage and any form of stun in general.

Truth is, I prefer not to stun my opponents and I’d rather just overkill my opponents. I can survive well anyways. Also 1500%+ MH orb ftw. I mean I didn’t like being stunned helplessly with enigmas and Earthquake and all sorts and I seem to kill far faster without the need of elemental crit. If it was ice, then frostbiting would be a need although even in ice mode, my build would be potent, albeit without stack debuff. I mean the stunning did work well though but yeah.

I see. Actually I did also mean to ask about the +4 extra attack, what value does it add cause you will only get one orb despite the extra and multi attack bonuses right?

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It adds extra 39.75% to MH which is huge and is why my orb deals 1401% MH per 0.1 seconds for 14k% MH which means easy 100k+ dmg. I did try using epic extra attack for 1 extra attack but it’s less effective despite the bigger dmg. It doesn’t increase orb count but 2 extra attack maybe means has chance to attack twice during the 10 hit frequency or something. I mean after adding it, I gained monumental dmg that is really high. Well with 2 PTL, technically it deals 1600% MH but you get the point. Well default it’s 37.5%+ to MH but since mutilate 4 is in the equation, it becomes 39.75% .

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