3.0 Rouge FROZEN CROSS-FIRE Farm Build


Ftw means what bro?
Fush the Wimit? :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


I tried this build of yours and i must say it deals tons of damge even if the stat dmge sucks. But the problem lies on mythic enemies. I encountered mythic boss, the slime one and it did not kill the mythic enemy even though i have a demonic set. I tried different approach as well and try my prototype builds and still nothing happened specially the new sets. And the conclusion that ive got is the only thing that can kill mythic enemy is through frozen set.


For the win


Frozen is still the show stopper in very high floors without dying…


yes the only problem with this build set up is mythic bosses and some legend boss with 2-4 elemental resist. Im currently testing some affixes to make the mythic kill. im floor 2440 m3 and counting. Soon i will update this build again with better affixes and better crushing blow damage.


Floor 2.5k+ m3 and counting farming some crystal to finalize the build. And finaly i found ways to kill high resist legend and mythic bosses.


finally the last and ultimate build for crushing blow with the help of frozen combo :grin:


Congratulation :wink:
BTW my wizard combo : teleport + taunt ( ice ) + twister ( fire ) = gameover :joy:


:grin: this is the farthest my knowledge can go i try many build and combination but this one is best among them all :heart_eyes:


@flasher13 wow!!! congrats… can you show your final build…


links and updates are above you can watch it


the picture above, that’s the final build? sorry!!! for asking question…


yup thats the final build, you can adjust it in your own prefer affixes but for now in my experience im using that build from floor 2.5k upt to 2598 floor m3 and no problem in clearing maps even tough bosses.


okay… thank you flasher31… i try to use that build… but maybe it’s difficult to have this build because it needs more crystals… but thank you for this…


your welcome bro


In my opinion, everyone can achieve that damage because of the HP of enemies on floor 2000 and more just by using crushing blow and crushing flames alone without any multipliers and other affixes.
Just saying :slight_smile:


yup the more the floor you are the better the crushing flames. the only thing is legend and mythic boss in floor 2.4k+ you cannot kill them without using frozen. Even electrocution and fire wont enough to kill highly resist enemy bosses.


There are many strategies to overcome such circumstances if you think out of the box .
Only frozen set…? Your wrong dude :slight_smile:


yes it is bro. Im currently using the old build that i have posted here and i encounter a lot of legend and mythic bosses that highly resist and cant kill it and so i observe if i cant kill it with my current build i wait for 10-20mins 1 on 1 with highly resist mythic bosses and i cant kill changing gears. Using 200% weakend, ignor resist, all possible affixes. and it wont die.


these are some not all legend and mythic bosses. I know this because i experience it in hiking floors. Every possible combination even i used pure fire (8) crushing flames with the help of electrocution that mythic bosses wont die event arcanis and acendent combo its my own experience in mythic bosses so i know how hard they are.