3.0 Rouge FROZEN CROSS-FIRE Farm Build


Its because of its hp regeneration plus if the map has 0.3% enemy heal it cannot be killed .
Since patch 3.0 has been released new affixes are available such as execute dmg and double strike that will do the job on tough boses on high floors just as example .
Keep it up bro and happy gaming :slight_smile:


yup i set the map size like 30% immune .05% healing and some map affixes so i can figure out how bosses will deal damage and how my build will handle that kind of affixes in map. So far the best combination is fire and ice and also i discover how the fire and electric works well in my test in some mythic bosses but the problem is it cannot kill also. and i tried also pure frozen to kill mythic bosses sometimes it cant kill also you need alot of explotion near the bosses to kill


this is my experience bro in finding ways how to deal highly resist legend and mythic bosses in hiking floors and its the only way that the frozen will kill highly resist bosses. But this is based from my experience i dont know how the others deal with boss


@flasher13 crushingflames and frozen+explosiob can work?. young hireling frozen ung main crushing flames.


I told you bruhh. Frozen is the best for killing mythics and legend bosses. I had tried different approach on each element. Tried different combi as well but didnt kill the mythic even with weaken and ascendent with 100 ptl and 100 gc. The only thing that easily kill bosses is the frozen set no matter how low your stat dmge is. But i do have lightning build that can kill mythic yet still takes time to finish it. Maybe almost a minute.


It will still work dude as long as the enemies are frozen and you have that set…all is well.


Yeah, I been noticing some things about core tricks, especially in the Arena. Head to head, doesn’t work very well. Some tricks, and fancy foot work goes a long ways! :sunglasses:


Check this weapon out! I found it on lvl 44 Mythic, and polished it up a bit.


I convert it many time lol. hahaha​:yum::yum::yum:


Ultimately it’s not the weapon, but your other proc, and affixes from other items that create the build. Like explosives, storm, blight, etc…


I agree with your approach, and logical conclusion. Its not the weapon itself, but the proc combinations from other items that wins. However, having a high starting DPS is still important as you suggested.


My disc orb build can kill legend and mythic enemies in floor 1500+ in just few seconds. Even without enemies surrounding . Just Cast multiple orbs Infront and it’ll die


Will update again 1 parts of the set because im currently testing it i think theres one missing piece


All posting updates are on test because im newbie so experementing lots of possible sets and affixes.




Guidedshot already pierced on its own without the Zenith but I guess it doesn’t do that anymore naturally?


In my observation while hiking floors it is better to have zenith while your armor is exposed. I try also the skilled but exposed is better with zenith.


Description in codex it pierce nearest enemy i think it has pierce chances already in the skill so your right bro.


I’m beginning to think that your 100% crushing blow is overkill. Diversity seems to be of value.


Storm proc is just as valuable as crushing blow in many instances.