3.0 Rouge FROZEN CROSS-FIRE Farm Build


I did not put proc to this because mirror image and traps are enough to crowd control. Main damage is crushing flames to lessen fast the hp and frozen makes the finishing touch. Currently floor 2900 and counting.


bro i try also wiz with taunt(ice)+twister(fire) with the same combo of set and i found interesting about wiz. I dont know whats the best OH for twister build wiz


Orb for faster moving.(45%~75% reduce cd + 45%~75% attack speed)
Aftermath set is a good idea too,but it usually disrupt the rigorous ice + snow combo. Orb is fast enough for me.


Thank you bro. Im amazed how wiz deal with twister it can dominate packsize easily


ending up with hiking farm build :heart_eyes: update pictures above


All I can say is… :beers::beers::beers::beers::beers::beers::beers::beers:

  1. That max Luck and Gold.
  2. And the duo elements make that build the best on 3.0 (yet)
  3. Someone/somebody will now have an idea to do/make Crushing Flames Electrocution Build (Fire/Shock/Bleed) CuzegSpiked dream of.


i have my prototype build in fire/shock accidental combination while im looking for solution to kill legend and mythic bosses. Mostly build for farm is below 1k floor so i decided to make for higher floor i will upload video later if my connection is not turtle.


Lol. Me study idea for build whenever the opportunity comes and I thank cronos.


Hahah you’re a filipino too. Hahaha enjoy thr ride on 3kfloor hahaha i want to see the gameplay hahaha


speaking of cronos, where is that guy never seen him furom. he quit or what?


yeah internet in PH is very very slow so cant upload video yet.


di parin ba sakop ng fiber lugar nyu?


im in province mostly signal based internet like globe, when i upload my 1st video in youtube it takes 30mins before its done very very slow.


He probably quit or just plays without talking in forums. I mean he knew everything he needed to know so I guess I understand and he finds the community and it’s unique build count rising over.


bro is it better to have arcanis in hireling or in main? im currently testing new build and planning to use arcanis.


Download your video on youtube use 240p. Hope it helps. Papa. :blush:


dont know how to download sa youtube :sweat_smile: im using cp to record and direct to youtube 80mb but it takes 20-30mins to upload


Download it when “Madaling Araw” you know. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: the connection is very fast.


I can’t upload my video here though, it is only 5 mins, but it 150 MB :scream::scream:


even in madaling araw is so slow it takes 20-30mins to upload video. I uploaded new video last night and takes 27mins