3.0 Rouge FROZEN CROSS-FIRE Farm Build


Hahahah,the internet here in the philippines is the slowest ,and also cost the highest among other countries.


well said buddy, i have update video but the problem is i cant upload it that video is in 3066 floor but now im in 3170 floor need to adjust the floor and make another one.


I can’t hike higher floor hahaha XD i’m only in 500, im so lazy , i dont have time hahah. What’s the secret on climbing up to 3k floor that fast?


crushing flames is the major damage. 3.0 update fire is dominating everything not all but almost all :grin: if you notice with this build the frozen crossfire its max out farm build gold, luck, and drop rate im using this for 3k+ at the same time with my new build the Halo-halo special all in one build its almost the same damage output.


my hangout floors in 2.5version is floor 600 i stay there almost 3months and im using poison sprint build warrior that was the time that i cant buy char slot in the shop using globe sim and then when i switch to smart prepaid no problem. And im also purchasing lots of Monster boost using legend maps. i have 2 char with full of legend maps and planning to purchase again monster boost to use it.


Just do it … just make sneak peak video 1 to 2 min is ok… i just take 30 to 40MB I just use Data when downloading Video…

In tagalog… lintek yan … ipa DU30 na yan :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


yes i will try again later to bad for province user in the PH its super slow my max upload speed is only 30-50kbps im using globe prepaid 4g LTE. This is how frustrating the internet speed here in the Philippines.


And me, using a VPN HAHAHA no cost, hahha internet speed must increase in PH HAHAHA.


3 months in floor 600 ? So long hahha , all i did was enter the highest floor, then i will search for the cartographer then kill it haha ,and now floor 500+ using that trick , i am not farming at all :joy::joy: just literally hiking.


thats my farming floor 600 but now since 3.0 update my farming floor is 3k+ at the same time hiking. Im on the test of the build so i need to kill epic boss in shrines and after that kill Cartographer. With new build 2mins or less every run per map killing epic boss and cartographer in 3k+ floor


I hate the internet connection here in the Philippines… Also i hate these politicians corrupting all the money. But im happy with DQ so theres that


video updated for floor hiking


Politicians are a joke everywhere in the world. I despite politics lol. Even in the best countries, politicians can be the worst sometimes.


Damn right.


almost not all the politician here in PH is corrupt.


most corrupt officials are in the past but now thanks that we have DU30 to wipe all corrupt in the government even media here in PH are one of those dilawan :joy:


Du30 <3


Can i ask how eternal legendaries for other classes were transformed into rogue class !?


Yes a frozen with crushing flames as assistance :slight_smile: :blush: :wink: :smile: . Variety brings spice of life as they save :ok_hand: .


Using a crystal ,(jasper)