3.0 Rouge FROZEN CROSS-FIRE Farm Build


uhmmm could you tell me your warrior build ? its just i wanna know wwhy you have ms in your affix


My warrior build is farming build using nova mythic OH with fire element and some elemental critical to trigger the freeze at the same time immolate when using taunt :grin: max also the MS at 50


Nova + brutal ftw!!! :blush::grin::grin::grin::joy::joy::joy:


im not using brutal now since 3.0 update :slight_smile: im using now either skilled or exposed most of my build now is crushing blow.


I figured hehe


so far frozen cross-fire build is one of my favorite build cause it max out farm affixes and useful in high floors, hiking while farming


Definitely. ESP. With crushing blow


How do I add crushing flames instead of berserker ? And also Crushing blow + 30% has been added with obsidian?


Crushing flames from Amethyst and crushing blow from obsidian.




I’ve got wrong affixes with obsidian now how do I remove the crystal affix i had? Do I have to make the whole thing again?


You have to make the whole thing again but you could also quartz it too? However quartzing is random in removing affixes and even if it removes Obsidian crystal affix, it could also remove a vital affix/bonus that cannot be added again. Sometimes it’s better to create a new item and try again with Obsidian.


How do you get 1012% luck if you don’t have epiphany on your build?


You cant… U need Epiphany to increase the cap.


But he has 1012% luck without epiphany on his gear. How??


Maybe its in his main character.


Give this items to du30 to help him clearing all ISIS in mindanao froz them with crushing blow =martial law


Hahaha!!! I made almost like this build and it’s very strong like flasher13 said in his post… I play it in solo because I have only 1 character a rogue… but it is okay… thanks flasher for this guide… it helps me…to climb high floors…


in the ring the epiphany is there


oh glad you like it arrow143 :grin: