3.0 Rouge FROZEN CROSS-FIRE Farm Build


When obsidian gives me the affixes that I don’t want, I use the tab button (left button near home for most phones) and then end/close the dungeon quest tab then start the game again to save the item :slight_smile:


Update floor hike no problem in 4.2k m3 floor and counting still dominating


What affix can i replace for item drops.? I just wanted to hike floors fast.


10 guidedshot, elemcrit dmge or multi attack


yup just like @slimycucumber multi atack or 10guidedshot is best for damage. This build is for hiking farm build it has 1012 Gold and Luck and also 350 drop rate and highest floor so far it can go is 4700 floor m3


That usually-Nearly-ALWAYS-NEVER works for me.

Na’mean? :confused:


Can i use this as main ?


Better to use this as hireling and make your main shock with electrocution


can you share your arcanist and ascendent build bro i followed fookes guide but nowhere near your numbers


Change crystal luck with crit dmg and put crit chance instead of all item drop rate affixes


any similar op built for mage hirling? thx


If u wanna be relax and a supportive hireling u can make a summon build easily.If u want dps check this out:



What is the most updated version of the construction?


construction is finish both pve and pvp :heart_eyes: planning to update this build soon