Amethyst to pet?

Hi guys, as title says “Amethyst to pet?” Can I like remove the set affix using kyanite and then use amethyst to roll set affix? (For legend pet)

@Bedevil not possible.

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Sad. Anywaysthanks bro

the only Crystals that can be used on a Pet are: Calcite, Angelite, Quartz (don’t use this on a Legend Pet, you might regret it), Diamond, Larimar, Kyanite, Sapphire, Fluorite, & Topaz. it costs Five Crystals to change anything on a Pet. so if it takes you 5 tries to change your Pets Element from Poison to Fire, it would have cost you 25 Calcite (5 Crystals x 5 attempts to change the Element).

Eternal Pets have the same restrictions as other Eternal Items. so the only Crystal in the list that can be used on an Eternal Pet is Calcite.

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Yeaah seems like rerolling is the only thing you could do… can I have another question? About epiphany? What does it mean with +5% all stat caps? I got one gauntlet and wearing it (epiphany (5) +25%) doesnt seem to have a change in all stat, can you make me understand how this works. Thanks

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Stat Cap: the maximum value of an affix. I will use Attack Speed and Critical Chance for examples.

Attack Speed: increases the Attack Speed of some Skills by +15% (Epic Affix - Orange) the Cap is 60%. Haste Nature increases Attack Speed by +2.5%. so if you have 4x Epic Attack Speed and 1 Haste Nature, that is +62.5% Attack Speed. but with the Cap of +60%, 2.5% isn’t counted.

Critical Chance: every Character starts with a +10% Crit Chance. Epic Crit chance is +15%. so if you have 4x, that is +60% +10% for every Character is +70% Crit Chance, but the Cap is +60%, so you can’t use the extra +10%. if you just use 3x and add 2 Death Nature (2x +2.5% = +5%) you have +60%, which is the Cap.

Epiphany: increases the Stat Cap of most affixes. the increase is +5% per Rank of Epiphany. most players just use Epiphany (5), which would be +25% to the Cap of an affix. using Attack Speed from above, 25% of 60 is 15, so my new cap for Attack Speed is now +75%. it would take 5 spaces to get Attack Speed +75% with +15% Attack Speed, but with a Crystal +45% Attack Speed and 2 Epic AS, only 3 spaces to get +75% Attack Speed.

so the affixes themselves are not increased, like a +15% would become +24% affix. it just means I can have a higher value to get what I want with a few affixes, like more Crit Chance, higher Crit DMG, or whatever, since the Cap is higher by +5% per Rank of Epiphany.


Thaanks so much, I get it now. Its nice that I include this one as my build.

Epiphany helps make builds stronger, but the extra space taken up by affixes to make use of the higher Caps can make some builds a little tricky. Epiphany would be great for a very focused type Build, like Farming or a focus on Speed or Crit DMG or something like that.

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