An update on new things from Shiny Box

Hi everyone, I wanted to make a quick post (sorry this one will be a bit wordy) to catch this awesome group of folks up on what’s been happening here at Shiny Box and what the next few months look like!

First things first, @Miguelbox will be making a post tomorrow about our new game with an opportunity for some players who are interested to take part in a closed beta release for the game.

You will get all the juicy details over the next week or two, but I wanted to let you know what it is, what is isn’t and what you can expect from us.

What it is – A turned based, RPG, dungeon crawling, game-o-goodness with deep game play mechanics and, as first from us, real time PVP (we love you DQ Battle Arena…but it’s time that we all fought face to face :blush: ).

“Hey wait, why are you working on something that isn’t DQ related? Why can’t you just finish DQ2 and release it.” you might ask.

Great question! So here is short answer and a long one!

Short answer – Running a studio is expensive and you only get one chance to make a good impression.

Some of you all might know that we do a lot of enterprise software development, some of you might now know that.

Check out our enterprise website and check out some proof of concept projects that we have turned into full simulations for our enterprise partners here on vimeo.

Over the past few years, we have completed over 86 enterprise projects. Some apps and web development, some AR projects, and a lot of VR projects….and all of those projects add to the pedigree our studio has. Not too shabby for an 8 person company!

Last October, we were in the middle of several large enterprise projects. @Steigerbox got to a point where he needed more than what we could give to push DQ2 further along, so he said “Ya know what……I like turn based RPG’s……I like PVP……I bet I could make a game by myself while the other gents are finishing up the enterprise work”.

That is exactly what he did. In October he started working on a game idea he had, and by January he had a fleshed out, fun, game loop.

In February we decided to focus the full attention of team (since many of our enterprise projects had finished up in January) and now we are staring up a closed beta for that game.

Making this game will let us cut our teeth on several systems and process that we need experience in to build more ambitions games in the future:

  • Content creation systems and pipelines
  • A reliable content release schedule

If we cannot make content no one will play our game --> if no one plays our game and buys content then we go away --> if we have the content but the multiplayer is broken NO ONE plays our game to show off the cool stuff they have then we go away! It is the circle of life kiddos!!

We hope you all will give the game a try in one of our beta events we will have over the next few months.

If it isn’t your cup o’ tea so to speak don’t lose hope/faith/whatever you call it, we still love DQ as much as everyone here (well…maybe not as much @Mr_Scooty and @CuzegSpiked, and @dickwad, and @golem, and @nuique, and @refia, and @skaul and well….a LOT of you to be honest) they play SO MUCH DQ and I could never have supported the community questions without their help over the years.

Thanks so much for your support over the years. Please do not stop telling us what you think about the game and be honest with us. We can take it…. mostly :wink:



So when you say turn based I’m thinking something like final fantasy tactics set up ? You make a move and wait until the opponent responds then they have to wait till you respond gets ?


I loved FFT…but the turns in that game were very slow. I would say it’s more like the turns on Pokémon or the more straight forward Final Fantasy games (IE 1 - 7) where you can make faster decisions and get faster resolution.


Sounds good. I loved the FF series combat game mechanics :heart_eyes:


I like turn based game because it only requires strategy


My reflexes are pretty bad because I’m an old sod. Turn based floats my boat. Brains versus youth :slight_smile:



I liked playing turn based jrpgs like FF7 before dq and games like it. Machine Knight I played which remind me of final fantasy a little bit and the game that led me to DQ after finishing it.

Liked a few other turn based rpgs but this with dungeon crawlling, deep gameplay mechanics, Realtime PvP. This sounds like my jam :smile: . Not sure how this will go but it’ll be fascinating.

Strategy, brains and action. 5D Chess :+1: .


@CuzegSpiked see you on the new game. I only hope @Golem will be there. I miss him.


Awesome :smile: . Also my reflexes have gone to a meh level after trying games that use reflexes like FPS, and went back full circle to a game like this. Back to my roots and its back to fun again. A new experience will be something.

Edit: @LK_Stradmore , I noticed I gave you 69 :heart: hearts total. Interesting. Many to the artwork.


Hey @CuzegSpiked I’ve applied to be a game tester :open_mouth:


Me too! :smiley:

We should probably make an attendance on who will participate on the closed beta(use your DQ names so we can immediately recognize each other :smiley:) and share any information we can.

See you guys on the other side!


How do we apply?


Just tell me the new game link a i will play a shit tun of it!



There is no game yet, just an application form for anyone who wants to participate as a tester.


Thanks for sharing that @LK_Stradmore! I was coming to do that, haha. :v:


You are most welcome :smiley:

Btw, why is your font color not the usual blue like the other Shinybox Devs when they are writing a post?

Did the council not grant you the rank of master yet @MiguelBox?


You know what? That’s a great question!

Cough cough

Ohhhh~~~ @tdaniel ~~~! :eyes:



tdaniel uses:



Not sure what you guys are talking about, looks blue to me :wink: